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Zero Vision

Zero Vision sounds like something interesting and futuristic, right? Or, maybe like someone stumbling about in the dark with zero vision.

I'm leaning towards the latter: in Sweden, the government has a vision of zero people killed in traffic.

The real number is about 250 every year - not a gigantic problem. But, traffic is their thing, and the focus is on speed. Probably because it's easy to measure. (I sometimes feel like it doesn't matter if you can see, hear, remember how to operate your vehicle, or even know what side of the road you're supposed to be on, as long as you drive slowly.)

Late one evening a few months ago, I headed home from visiting my old home town and was caught by a speed camera. These are strange contraptions that line our roads. They're never, ever placed near crosswalks, schools, or similar where a crazy motorist could mow down pedestrians - they're more likely to be seen on wide roads where the speed limit is 55.

Anyway, I thought I was…

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