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The age of "Not My Fault"

Lately, young people changing the world has been a big thing in the media. I approve - if anyone can do it, it's teens. They have an energy and drive that we adults long since forgot.

Naturally, there's a backlash - mainly from white men - who do all they can to slander the new generation. (Read, Greta Thunberg.)

"Did you see this? She can't even talk if she doesn't have a script. We're all being played."

It's true: Greta Thunberg sounds better when scripted. We all do. And to be perfectly honest, there's a prominent figure in a large country to the west of me that can't speak coherently even when reading from a script. They still let "grab them by the pussy" lead one of the largest nations on the planet.

"It isn't my fault. These damn kids keep blaming my generation, but when I was a child, we got milk in glass bottles. I liked glass bottles. They use plastic and throw it away."

I've seen this image shared probably…

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