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Bye bye 2012, welcome 2013!

Santa Vader

Courtesan - scifi romance

Yuletide and recipe for Glögg

Please vote for me? =)

Merry Christmas and recipe for yummie coconut cake.

Love-munchies... Mmmm, chocolate! Christmas recipe.

Free read by Maria Hammarblad - Courage and Retribution

Angels and Gargoyles

High Gravity - scifi romance and black holes!

Radio interview for Kidnapped today (Dec 17) =D

Free Read by Michelle Sutton

Free Read by Jackie Leigh Allen

Free read by Sue Perkins

Blitz for Brand New World =)

Free read by Patty Froese

Dogs and squirrels

Free read by Gloria Clover

Free read from Jillian Chantal

Contest time at NightOwl Reviews, with great prizes.

Free, Free, Free! Christmas presents to everyone from my publisher! =D

December is (almost) here!

High Gravity

Welcome Patty Froese!

Interview with Tiffinie Helmer

Sidetracked onto... trees? Who would have thought.

Potential new covers for the Embarkment novellas