Automation overload

A couple of weeks ago I joined this group called Tweets For Authors. The basic idea is people helping each other out through cross posting, and it works quite well. Since I like to consider myself a busy bee (even though I do have time to play around on Facebook, hahaha) I investigated different ways to tweet automatically.

A little googling led the way to various tweet schedulers, most of which have a wide number of other features, like automatically finding people to follow, and sending automated messages. It made me think; someone follows you on Twitter, and the computer automatically not only follows them back, but also sends a welcome message. Computers are, of course, smart enough to be able to auto-respond to messages.

Where does all this automation leave us in the end? Computers are following each other, tweeting each other, and sending e-mails to each other. Makes me wonder if it's time to pack up the social networking and go to the beach instead...


  1. It's like the old joke, "Have your people call my people..." We're so busy networking we've shut ourselves off from connecting physically. So, yeah, let's go to the beach - the ocean temperature is somewhere in the 50's right now - very invigorating!

    thanks for sharing this!


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