A person difficult to handle

I normally get along pretty well with people in the work place. Working is about doing a job. If you like the people around you that's great. If you don't, you still have to be able to cooperate.

Thus, I was surprised when encountering a person I really can't work with. I don't know if it's me or her, but there's a mutual dislike unlike any I've ever experienced.

I'm not the best in my field, but I'm certainly not the worst. Overall, I'm pretty good at what I do. During the past 25 years, I've successfully worked with organizations on six continents - the seventh is uninhabited. I have a degree from a university, I've taught desktop publishing and marketing...

It all started when this person - new on the job - posted a photo upside down on a Facebook page.  I asked her to take the post down, rotate the photo, and put it back up. I figured, if I ask her to do it herself, she'll figure out what went wrong (it's a cellphone to computer thing) and know how to get it right next time.

She responded that sure, she would do that, and continued with informing me she knows the job better than I do, because she went to college.


Ever since then, it has been made clear to me that if she needed to know something about SEO, grammar, considering viewers' different platforms, readability, image resizing, or anything else, her college teachers would have taught her.

I've tried explaining that school is a bubble that teaches generic responses to generic situations, and that real life can be a completely different thing.

That makes me an idiot, because she went to college, and she knows everything she might ever need to know.

Seriously, I'm fine with people not knowing things. Everyone starts somewhere, everyone needs to practice and learn. I'm also fine with people who are good at something asserting themselves and their skills. They should!

Problems start when someone makes all the beginner's mistakes, is completely clueless, and combines it with attitude.

If she were my employee, at this point, I'd fire her. Unfortunately, she is not.

Right now, I do stuff, and she takes credit. Or, she does stuff and messes it up, I fix it, and everyone thinks she's great. Quite frustrating, really. It feels like an endless clean-up job, because she can't improve and become good at the job until she realizes she doesn't know it. That doesn't seem likely to happen.

I tell myself that if I'm patient, maybe she'll disappear. One can hope, lol.


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