Saturday, January 28, 2012

Books coming soon!

Yes, yes, it's true! I have actually finished something! In the forseeable future, the upcoming installments of the Goddess's saga will come to an on a computer screen near you. (And B&N of course, all in good time.) Keep your eyes open for "Wrath of the Goddess" and "Return of the Goddess."

I have also finished my long time project "Flashback" - that only took two years hahaha. Release date is TBD, but check this out:

Steve Petersen is a Very Troubled Man. Sole survivor of a Taliban POW camp he often thinks that only parts of him returned; his sanity appears to have been left behind. He seeks solace in alcohol and drugs, but nothing helps block the images from his mind for more than minutes at a time, and he is trapped in horrifying flashbacks.

He is more than surprised when he wakes up in a bright and merry bedroom that turns out to belong to the widow Anna, a woman he has rudimentary memories of meeting. Knowing that he should leave isn’t the same thing as doing it, and before he knows what’s happening, he finds himself pulled into a world with real life problems, such as folding laundry, and what’s for dinner.

Whiskey is no longer his first priority, and not being alone in his waking nightmare is a relief. That is, until Anna disappears. Steve finds himself forced to return to Afghanistan, a place where he’ll have to face both external enemies and himself.

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