Monday, January 30, 2012

Good news for my blog!

Bold statement: I have decided to feature author interviews on my blog, starting soon. I am aiming for one interview each month, it might become a little more or a little less, but 12 a year seems a reasonable goal. I have some interesting names lined up already, so keep checking in! (And yes, soon really is soon. I'm thinking February, and that starts tomorrow, so I'd better get to work! Hahaha!)

In order to make the interviews easier to find in the long run, I will also set up an archival blog called, "Thoughts from the shelf," with address (very original address, I know... For a writer I sometimes have a pretty poor imagination!) I want to save them in a spot where they won't drown in other random stuff. Wish me luck! =D

On a completely different note, I'm suffering a certain ambiguity regarding the Goddess's saga. It was easy as long as there was only one book out there, but now as parts two and three are nearing completion, I wonder if I should give the first one a facelift. Do you like the cover of "Touch of the Goddess" (left)? I used to love it, but after seeing it for two years I'm starting to second-guess myself.

Should books two and three get covers matching the first one, or should I update that and try for something new? I made a draft for "Wrath of the Goddess." What do you think?

:-) Maria

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