Saturday, January 28, 2012

Goodreads is currently unavailable

I haven't blogged much lately; there's been too much going on for me to gather my thoughts about anything, but today was going to be the day when I brought out the large feather-duster to get all imaginary grime off of the websites. First, I discovered to my dismay that Goodreads must have changed their feed address; I thought my blog there was populating my pages on Amazon, Blogger, OpenSalon and so on, but this wasn't the case. After going through all the websites and updating to get the feeds right, I figured I should write a little something, just to see if it worked, and got the message, "We're sorry, but Goodreads is currently unavailable." It's just not meant to be, is it? LOL! (Yes, LOL is an official word nowadays, and that's a good thing because I love it!)

Now I'm off to investigate if I can somehow get these blogs to show up on my new website ( and on Facebook. See you later! :-)

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