Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moseying around...

From time to time, people ask about my writing schedule. The question makes me think, "I'm supposed to have a schedule?" and I avoid answering. When a story get its claws in me, I think about it constantly and write every free minute from early morning to midnight, but the rest of the time, I do a lot of moseying around. I have a good excuse too: I'm a Swedish person living in Florida. At least half of the year its too hot for me to do anything but mosey.

Don't get me wrong, besides writing I go to school full time and have a daytime job, so I do my fair share of work, but whenever I can I try to plan so I don't have to go anywhere first thing in the morning. The dogs wake me up and we go outside. I make coffee while they have breakfast, and then they'll take a breakfast nap while I check on my online stuff. (I know, taking a breakfast nap sounds lazy, but trust me, they get more running done during their morning outside time than I do in two weeks.) A couple of days a week I have class in the morning, or have to go to work in the morning, and my entire day feels off when I don't get this sofa-doggie time. Weird, huh?

These last few weeks I've added to the routine. I check my e-mail and Facebook and Twitter and yadda yadda, and go to Patty's blog. She has such a warm and friendly personality, and such a sunny outlook on life, it helps set the mood for the day.

This morning, her post contains a cartoon strip with the imaginary voice in one's head claiming, "What are you doing that for? Such a waste of time." I know some people like that in real life, both when it comes to writing and music, and it always makes me wonder, "Why can't you be a little encouraging instead?"

I've found the perfect remedy though; my friend Cynthia in Nokomis taught me. When people think you're strange, or think you're wasting your time, and want to tell you about it at great length, you keep a straight face and say, "I'm an artist. You can't expect me to be like other people." It efficiently throws off the attack, and you're free to go about your day and be as eccentric as you want to.

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