Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday adventures

I have been looking for a shelf for the living room this week, and Target's website informed me it might be found at a Target store on the other side of town. Driving there, I needed to get into the left lane so I could turn, well, left... That lane housed a young man driving a small white car, and he seemed to think preventing me from turning was the funniest thing ever.

I tried to speed up to get in front of him, and he sped up too. I tried to fall back to go behind him, and he matched my speed, glancing over at me with a gleeful look of, "Haha, this is fun!"

Today was a long day, my back hurts after falling at work, and I lost my patience. My truck has a few years on it, but it also has a bizarrely big engine. (I imagine a whirlpool in the gas tank every time I press the accelerator, LOL) He didn't stand a chance, and being left behind really ticked him off.

My adversary went into the right lane and struggled to catch up. I decided to be a good sport, so I slowed down, and he reached the stoplight a bumper-length before me. He made a jubilant gesture of, "Yes, I won," before giving me the finger with a triumphant grin. I thought, "I'm not trying to race you, moron, I'm trying to turn left. If I was trying to race you, I'd be in the next town by now."

I was still grouchy when I reached the store. The grumpyness was soothed when I saw they had one box left, but returned when I realized it was too heavy for me to lift with my owie back. I stood there staring at the box, muttering, "How the f... do I get you into the cart?" when a friendly voice said, "Do you need help with that?"

My savior had smiling blue eyes and curly hair. Had I been unmarried and ten years younger, I would sooo have tried to flirt with him, haha! He added, "Yeah, you're kinda looking like the box is heavy."
Sweetest young man ever, totally made my day! I'm making him a hero in a future book. ;-)

Anyway, from there it was downhill. When I came home, hubby helped me carry it in. Now I just have to put it together, but that can wait until tomorrow. :-)

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