Monday, July 30, 2012

Did a zombie eat my brain?

Last week, I took a vacation. School's out for summer, and this year has been stressful, so I thought it'd be awesome to take a break from work too. (Do I miss Sweden's five week's vacation each year? You have no idea...)

I had great plans for my vacation. I was going to take the doggies to the beach, fix up the yard, clean up in the house, and get SO much writing done. Yeah, right. I didn't realize just how braindead I've been until yesterday when I started (trying) to get myself back on track. I made a list of things I should have done, and some were fairly easy.

When I reached a point that said, "Contact winners from the Night Owl Reviews summer web hunt," I thought, "This is strange, I never got the email addresses for the winners. Oh well, maybe they've been busy at Night Owls. I should drop them a mail in case they've forgotten about me."

I got an answer this morning, and I bet she was laughing pretty hard. Evidently, they sent me the list just before I went on vacation, and I answered that I would contact everyone the very next day. I have no memory of reading her mail, or writing a reply. I searched my e-mail and she's right, it's just completely gone from my head.

This might not sound like a big deal, but to me it is. I have never forgotten a thing like this. Sure, tasks/words/names can slip my mind, but they always come back after a day or so. This is a complete blank. Kinda scary. And, if I have developed one black hole, what else have I forgotten?

I'll probably be second-guessing myself all day today. I'm sure it'll be quite comical for everyone around me. Dogs, did I really feed you this morning, or do I just think I did? Better give you an extra meal, just in case.

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