Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shame on Belfast City Council!

Early this morning, at 7 AM local time, Lennox was killed. I bet Belfast City Council couldn't get it done quickly enough, and they probably think killing him will put an end to the mess they put themselves in. I, personally, believe they ruined any chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of the world. While Lennox was still alive, hundreds of thousands of people still nurtured hope the city of Belfast would come to their senses and do the right thing. With this hope gone, frustration will turn into outright hate.

If you haven't followed the case, Lennox was a happy family dog up until two years ago. He served as a service dog to a little girl and never harmed anyone. One day, people came to the family's house to measure Lennox's head. They thought he looked too much like a Pitbull to be allowed to live. Lennox was not a Pitbull, he didn't even look all that much like one. Anyway, taken from the family, he spent two years in horrible conditions as they fought to get him back, and this morning, he was killed, in spite of DNA testing proving he wasn't one of the "forbidden breeds," petitions with hundreds of thousands of names, and numerous offers of rehoming.

I have followed Lennox's case from the beginning, and it is one of the most heartbreaking stories one can imagine. There's the dog, of course, held by Belfast City Council in a pen way too small for him, sitting on straw surrounded by his own feces without even a bowl of water. The issue is definitely about the dog. There's the girl, pleading to be allowed to see her dog, and employees of Belfast City Council hanging up the phone in her ear. It is also about how Belfast treats its citizens - Lennox's family. They have been denied the right to see him. The were denied the right to say goodbye to him and weren't even allowed to be with him during his final moments. From what I understand, they have also been denied his body.

The issue is about the dog, but it is also about abuse of authority and building a police state where big brother freely interrupts in your life. If it's okay to sentence a dog to a life of misery and then death based on the way he looks, what else is okay?

There is much more I want to say about Lennox, but it is still too fresh. I need a little time to sort out my thoughts to be able to write about it rationally. For now, let it suffice to say:
  • Taking a service dog from a little girl is a despicable action whether it's done by a criminal or as an abuse of authority.
  • Killing living beings based on the way they look is wrong.
  • Killing someone while hiding behind a law you yourself made up is cowardice.
Rest in peace, Lennox. I hope you're in a better place where petty humans can no longer harm you.

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