Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sweet vacation!

I've had a week's vacation, and it was absolutely awesome. Normally, I type away all morning and whine when it's time to go to work - in my mind I could totally finish the chapter/novel if I could only write for another hour or maybe two. My husband always tells me it wouldn't matter, because if I wasn't interrupted by going to work I'd just think of something else to do that would take the same amount of time out of my day. I usually answer, "Pffft, how can I be a writer if I never have time to write?"

Anyway, having a whole week off, without pesky interruptions like work or school, I intended to get so much writing done. Is anyone surprised I didn't even fill a page, even though I was in a typing frenzy when my vacation started? Guess he was right... ;-)

I have pretty much stayed away from the computer. I've peeked at Facebook and Twitter, but only for a few minutes a day. I've been cleaning the house, reorganizing my office, working in the yard, playing with the dogs... Oh, I've also spent a substantial amount of time killing the paper zombie that resides in our back yard. If the zombie revolution ever comes, I'll do fine as long as they're made of paper and can be killed with a bb gun or bow and arrow.

Right now, I should go out and mow. I swear the grass in Florida grows so quickly I can see it move, but I don't want to. It'll still be there tomorrow.

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