Friday, August 3, 2012

Exciting morning

I was going to blog about my foster dog today, but something else happened that's much more interesting. When I took the dogs out this morning I was too tired to notice anything out of the ordinary. On the way back inside, my eyes had opened up to normal size, and saw a blue flashing light on the other side of the street. Two houses up from mine is a corner lot, and their entire yard was crammed with big black cars. All of them with blue lights flashing. I moseyed inside, gave the doggies breakfast, and said, "Hey sweetie, the neighbour's yard is filled with civilian police cars."

He said, "No way," and peeked out. The cars were still there, not just a figment of my  imagination, and I was sort of proud to be the bringer of exciting news.

My neighbourhood is very calm, and to be honest, if anyone disturbs the peace it's usually me. There are a few cop families living along the street, so we're used to the city's police cars, but they're usually just checking up on traffic or going to and from work.

I moseyed around, took a shower, had some breakfast, and when I went to work, all the cars were still there. A few minutes ago Mikey texted me, "The FBI just showed up."

By now I'm pretty darned curious. I'll probably spend  most of this day making up scenarios of what might have happened. I mean, with an imagination as vivid as mine it could be murder, kidnapping, drugs, zombies, aliens, or a combination... Okay, getting a little carried away here, but anything's possible! If I ever find out, I'll let you know.


  1. Well now I can't wait to find out what is going on! My mind runs wild with all that could be going on. Go find out - bet it will be hush hush for a while.

  2. I still haven't figured it out. There was still a police car there when I came home from work. The house is closed up now, I'm hoping they'll say something on the news during the weekend. Must be the first time this street saw people in FBI jackets!

  3. Go get cozy with one of the cops' wives! :) I'm dying to know what happened now, too!

  4. I'm still equally clueless. There's been some interesting stories on the news - lots of crazy people in this state, lol - but nothing about this area. The house is closed up, haven't seen a person there all weekend. Maybe something will happen on Monday, my curiosity knows no limits, LOL!


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