Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just one of those days, uh, I mean weeks.

You know how some days seem like you should have stayed in bed? I'm having one of those weeks. I must have done something cosmically wrong that messed with my Karma, time to do good deeds! Check this out:

I always bring my phone everywhere, and I use it to check my e-mail, write on, and read books on. It's instant entertainment. The other day I went to renew my driver's license and forgot my phone. There was one person in line in front of me, and it still took over two hours. Plenty of time to wish for something to play with. (Well, it took about five minutes once it became my turn. By then, the little DMV office was crammed with people behind me.) Seeing things from the bright side, I only had to wait. It was worse for the people whose errand turned out to take two hours.

On the way home from the DMV, my car overheated in the McDonald's drive-through as the gentleman gave me something completely different than I ordered. I had to get out of the drive-through since my car was misbehaving, so I couldn't wait for new food. I went to the nearby gas station, about a block away, threw away the food (I don't eat mammals) and tried to find some water. Of course, if something goes wrong with a car, it is when you don't have your phone, right.

The girl at the gas station said they didn't have water for cars, and I would have to buy some. I said, "That's fine, do you have gallon jugs?" and she shook her head. I ended up with a number of tiny water bottles, and considered myself lucky I had a towel in the car and could open the water reservoir without hurting myself on the steam.

Once the car cooled down and I could get enough water in to make it home, I ran the heat to keep it from overheating. That's awesome when it's 100 F and sunshine. (It's hard to fill up a car with tiny drinking bottles of water...)  Along the way, the little "Check gagues" lamp came on. I was out of engine oil. Yay. Some little troll or engine goblin must have stolen all the fluids from my car, and it was clearly a bad day to be out on the road. Was I happy when I reached the safety of my own yard!

When I came home, I took the dogs out. While walking one of them, she tugged a little on the leash just as I stepped into the tiniest of holes in the ground. Instant, close and painful contact with Mother Earth.

Now equipped with a swollen knee, a hurting shoulder, and a really owwie wrist, I started to get the hint. I turned the washer and dryer on with extreme caution, expecting them to flood the house or explode or something. Knock on wood, I managed to do laundry without causing a disaster, but I've forgotten bags at Wal-Mart, had wrong goods delivered to work, and mail disappearing. To make things better, I have accidentally destroyed a window and almost cut off a finger on a can of dog food.

Luckily, tomorrow is Friday. I will approach the day with extreme caution and a will to do good deeds. Hopefully that will be enough.

I've heard many people have weird weeks right now. Some of my friends say, "Worst day ever," and the lady at the local gas station also fell -  but she broke her arm. I'm probably lucky, things could be much worse, but it's still a little freaky with so much happening at once. Maybe it's something cosmic, or maybe I really need to do more good deeds.

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  1. What a week, Maria! I hope your weekend is safe and event-free.... wait--you've got FBI on your street!


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