Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Me on Radio Ear Network

I am a member of the Florida Writer's Association. I say that with pride, but truth be told, I'm probably the most passive member they've ever had. Both the Bradenton and Sarasota chapters seem very friendly and keep inviting me to all sorts of events and critique groups. During 2012 I have attended a grand number of... zero.

I blame being busy, which is kind of true considering I have a daytime job and study full time besides being a wife, doggy-mom, and writer, but my lazy-bone has a lot to do with it too. I could rearrange my schedule to get an evening free each week, but my time at home is too precious to want to leave. There is a writer's conference in Orlando in October, and I do plan to go there; I'm a finalist in the Royal Palms Literary Awards, and if I win an award I intend to be there. LOL!

Anyway, the FWA provides monthly newsletters and I open them eagerly. In early spring I read about a writer's radio show on the Radio Ear Network and promptly signed up for an interview. I was really nervous after signing up, and nervous again when I went to record the interview. You would think an old musician would be immune to stage fright, but playing in front of a lot of people is different from sitting alone with a microphone.

When I don't restrain myself I talk very quickly and with a funny Swedish accent, and I was sure I would forget English completely when faced with a microphone, questions, and the challenge to speak slowly and not sound too horribly foreign. On the upside: I didn't forget English. On the downside: I babbled. Someone clearly pressed the talkative button in my head, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, and then, blah blah blah..." I'm hoping they edited it at least a little.

Failure or success, the interview is on tonight at http://www.radioearnetwork.com/. I share the timeslot between 11-12 PM Eastern Time with another author, I don't know if my interview will be first or second, but I hope you take a moment to listen in.

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