Saturday, August 11, 2012

No, my book cover is not a target, LOL!

Both Mike and I tend to go overboard when we do something. He enters collector-mode, and gets a couple hundred different versions of something. I buy fewer of whatever it might be, but more expensive. The end tab is probably about the same. 

Lately, the fad has been toy guns, and Mike is really into NERF. You know, the toy guns that shoot soft foam darts or disks...? There are many different models and versions and colours, and by now he has at least 150, with a few thousand darts. The gun below is the latest version and not in our stores yet. He wants it so bad.

I have to admit there are a few that are mine in that Nerf count too, but I kind of got bored with them. It's still fun to sneak up on each other and have Nerf wars, but I don't covet any more Nerf guns.

Anyway, when he gets doubles, he paints them and makes holsters for them. It's cool, the photo doesn't do them justice. I would never have the patience to take them apart, sand them down, spray paint them, figure out how to put them together again, and decorate them.

This summer, my fad has been airguns. They come in many versions and sizes, and shoot everything from paintball markers or colourful plastic beads to metal pellets. I like the CO2 powered airguns, because I'm too lazy to want to pump a rifle or struggle with a spring. (Always play responsibly, and be aware many airguns are quite able to hurt and even kill people.)

Now, I'm sure some readers are jumping to the conclusion that I'm an insane wannabe hunter. I would never shoot an animal, I don't even eat mammals. I will, however, shoot paper targets and enjoy it! We have a padded target area in the back yard, and put up paper zombies that are shred to pieces with various toys. It's a lot of fun! As long as the zombie apocalypse consists of people made of paper, we'll be fine, LOL.

Yesterday, we were out doing some Friday shopping, and when we returned to the house, two cardboard boxes waited outside the front door. Mikey's contained a new Nerf gun, and I couldn't remember what might be in mine. I couldn't remember ordering anything. The box was big, but too light to be books. In it were postcards for my new book Undercover - TBR September 11 - and a couple of posters with my book covers.

Mikey peeked at the postcards and the posters and joked, "Sweet, new targets!"

I rolled my eyes, "No, these aren't targets, that's my book."

He grinned, "It's a target. Clearly a target. You just bought them like this to get something cheap to shoot at."

I had to admit, "Well, it is a target, kind of. But we're not shooting my book."

Maybe just one postcard, with a suction cup Nerf dart. I'm sure destroying one on purpose would mean bad luck, but I am tempted to see if I can hit the bullseye, just because he said it... A suction cup Nerf dart wouldn't leave a trace, no one would have to know. ;-)


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