Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oopsie, I didn't think that through!

I mentioned yesterday I'm going on tour with Undercover. It starts next week, so I really need to get typing on the guest blogs. It's a funny thing; on my own blog I can talk at great length about anything that pops into my head, but when guest blogging I like to be a little more serious and ambitious. My own blog is like my corner of the sofa; comfortable. I don't need to dress up to go there.

Anyway, I looked around at the webpages hosting me, and thought, "Hmmmm..." Most of them are pages with steamy erotic content. I had some pretty hot scenes in Undercover, but we cut most of them out in editing together with the gruesome murders. Even if these things were still in the book, I wouldn't be anywhere near the skills of authors who specialize in writing erotica. Don't get me wrong - I don't mind - I just don't know what I could possibly say that will appeal to these readers. I don't want to bore anyone.

Talking to fellow author and good friend Christy Elkins gave me an idea. I'll start off with sharing one of the deleted scenes, and see if the visitors seem to like it. =)

When I named the book, I sort of thought of spies working under cover, not of things happening under covers... LOL!

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