Monday, October 1, 2012

Reading right now: Story Time by Linell Jeppsen

I bought "Story Time" a while ago after talking to Linell Jeppsen on an Amazon discussion board. Since then, it has napped in my Kindle. I've had a bad conscience for not even looking at it, but the time wasn't right. I started reading it the other night, and I've read about half.

Story Time is a post-apocalyptic epic. Anything that could possibly happen to Earth happens. The book has rather short chapters which skip between a number of main characters, and it took me a little while to get into who is who, and where and when they are. I need some time to establish rapport with characters, and I would have liked to follow each a little longer at a time, at least in the beginning of the book, but that is my personal preference.

Some parts are written in first person, as one of the characters actually tell her story, and other parts in third person. That could be really weird, but since the "I" parts are actually told by the character to an audience, it works.

I mentioned how anything that could possibly happen to Earth happens. If you can imagine a natural disaster, it's in the book. On top of that, aliens arrive. Not just one kind of aliens, but three, and I have to admit I zoned out for a bit when they were introduced. I write science fiction, and love the very idea of aliens, but for a little while, it was just too much to be believable. Jeppsen has a good explanation for their appearance, and they are vital for the story line, but I still had a "Really?" moment when they were introduced. A couple of chapters later I got over it. :-)

If you're looking for some good entertainment, Story Time is definitely worth looking into.

In the not too distant future a young woman bears witness to the end of her world. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions rock the planet, reducing cities to smoking rubble, burying entire islands and coastlines beneath cataclysmic waves.

Religious fervor and human evil erupt and entwine, becoming a maelstrom of madness in the days after, bringing with it the horror of apocalyptic war.

As a population in the depths of despair struggles to overcome insurmountable odds, can a single glimmer of hope flare into a beacon for the survivors?

This is her tale…the world is ours…and now, it’s STORY TIME.

Story Time is available as e-book or paperback Click here to see it on Amazon.

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