Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The dangers of home-made cannons...

When I came home from work this fine afternoon, Mikey met me outside, fiddling with a little piece of wood. I said, "Hey, I brought dinner. Wha'cha doin'?"

He seemed really into this project, whatever it was. "Building a cannon. I need a little rock or something..."

The piece of wood had a hole in it, and on the other side, something stuck out. It kinda looked like a twig, and my mind was fixed on dinner, so I didn't think much of it. I headed into the carport towards the door.

"There we go. Are you ready?"

Saying 'yes' would probably expedite the project. "Sure."

In retrospect, "No" would have been a more prudent answer. He put a cigarette lighter towards the twig that, of course, wasn't a twig at all, but the fuse of a fire cracker. A split second later, a boom emphasized by the carport rang in my ears, and my chest stung from being struck by a large piece of wood. I didn't even have to try to sound accusing. "You shot me!"

Over from the neighbour's, a woman hollered, "Oh my God, what are they doing? I think he shot her."

Mikey said, "Oops, guess the firecracker was stronger than the wood," and I almost folded over laughing as we hurried inside.

Most people probably haven't been shot with a part of a home made wood cannon... This will be fun to tease him with for ages. XD

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