Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Welcome Patty Froese!

One of the biggest perks of being a writer is all the interesting people you meet both in cyberspace and in real life. Some pass by quickly, others become friends who share both joy and tears. For me, Patty Froese belongs to the latter category. She's a wonderful person with a great sense of humour, and I start most days with having a cup of coffee and reading her blog. Today is the release day of Patty's new novel, Legally Wed, and I have the pleasure of welcoming this brilliant Canadian writer to my blog!

Welcome Patty Froese!

It's great to see you here! How does your family feel about having a writer in the family? Do they read your books?

Having a writer in the family is different from having a romance writer in the family... They were always very supportive of my writing, but when I turned to romance, they mocked me heartlessly! LOL They still call me up with "genius plot lines" for me to consider and grossly inappropriate titles.(I write Christian romance, so you can see how naughty titles would give them the giggles...) Gotta love family! They keep me entertained!

Too funny! Do you have a favorite object pertinent to your writing? (Pen, coffee cup, pet, blanket, chair…?

My computer, I would say. As long as I have my computer, I'm a happy camper. My husband is a techy guy, so he's always wanting to get me a Mac or something. But I don't like my skill set messed with. Besides, I have everything saved where I want it, and I hate starting new with a new computer.

I can relate to that. I love technology, but changing computers always freaks me out. What do you love about your latest book?
This one was just fun to write. I loved following two couples, especially Mildred, the scorned wife whose husband leaves her for the secretary. I felt like I could really crawl into her skin. She's plus-sized, she's gray, she thought she was secure, and then her husband left her. She really kept things interesting for me!
Can you tell us something behind-the-scenes about this book that the readers would love to hear - something not easily found on your website?

Mildred is based on an ex-boyfriend's mother. Oh, it's true! (Now, every guy I ever dated is going say, "You calling my mama fat?") LOL! But real people worm their way into my books on a regular basis. I can't help it... Especially women! Women intrigue me, and when I find a woman I admire or just find infinitely interesting, aspects of her will show up all over the place.

Ahaha, I bet you'll get a few phone calls now with people trying to find out who she is. Anything else you want to share?

Yes! Come by my blog and share the quirky life of a Christian romance writer.
Or Facebook--I'm there a LOT.
I love to connect with readers and other writers. Keeps my feet on the ground. ;)

You have an amazing blog. I love it! Thank you so much for coming over!

Legally Wed Blurb:

When Rich McConaughey comes back to town, divorce papers in hand, he's in for more than he bargained for. Lisa Young, the woman he was married to for six months, hasn't changed a bit. His mother has though... she's gone from matronly to meow, and his father has taken off with the secretary. Does anything last anymore?

Lisa Young feels chained to the hardware store her family has run for generations. How can she tell her father that she hates the family business? When Rich walks back into her store asking her to finalize a divorce she thought was behind her, she thinks that the answer is to sign on the dotted line and move on. Except, Rich isn't making it so easy... and God has other plans.

For better or for worse, when you're legally wed, things can get complicated.

For more information:

My review of Legally Wed

Legally Wed by Patty Froese follows Lisa, single woman and owner of a hardware store in Charlbrook, a small town where everyone knows everyone. Her life seems planned and straightforward. Not necessarily exciting, but safe. That is, until her ex-husband walks in and claims they're not really divorced.

This is a Christian romance, and Christian readers will not be disappointed; Lisa and several other characters go to church and talk to God. It is also humorous, endearing, and entertaining. The fate and happiness of several people are at stake, and Froese makes you care about the characters.

I read through the book in two sittings; I HAD to see what would happen to everyone. I give Legally Wed five stars out of five, and warmly recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet, humorous, and entertaining read.


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