Friday, December 7, 2012

Free read by Gloria Clover

The next free read from Desert Breeze Publishing this Christmas:

Children of the King: Burned, by Gloria Clover

Science Fiction - Fantasy
Keril, the high lord's first-in-command, has been waiting months for the perfect time to tell Electra, the princess of Celosia's personal bodyguard, how much he loves her. But when the castle is attacked with fire weapons, his time runs out. Duty demands he protect the princess, but his heart tugs him in another direction.

Burned is a short companion piece to the novel, The Fire Starter. Discover what happens to Keril and Electra while Celosia blazes with fire weapons and new passions.

To download this book, please follow this link.
My review:

This is the first book by Gloria Clover I've read, and let me start out by saying, this is a very talented writer. The story and the characters engulfed me. I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Electra would die, if Keril would win her heart, if Michael would be likely to pop up, if Amaryllis would come save them... The book also caught me off guard, probably because I was so mentally into it. I was completely unprepared for it taking a Christian turn, and when the heroine went off to talk to God, in person, I was so confused I had to read that one portion several times to sort out what really happened. To be fair, this is a cultural thing: I'm not used to meeting religion in this fashion.

If you are into Christian literature, this is an amazing scifi-fantasy. It is well written, the characters are blazing with life, and the story line is intriguing. People who enjoy the Christian aspect will be blown away.

I love fantasy and have read a lot of it. I will keep my eyes open for books by Clover that are just a tad more secular. If I find them, they will be right up there on the top shelf next to Terry Brooks, Tolkien, and Piers Anthony.


  1. This book sounds interesting to read. I will surely go today to buy this book. But wait!, why don’t I order it from amazon?. Is it available there?

  2. Gloria is known to be a good writer. Though i have not read more books but i still can say it would be a good book because of the review you given.

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