Thursday, December 13, 2012

Free read by Sue Perkins

Another Desert Breeze Publishing Free Read, just in time for Christmas!

Adri's Story, by Sue Perkins

Young Adult - Fantasy
Adri's frustration with the static town life of Boon is shared by his closest friends. His stepmother aggravates the situation with her unfair demands on his time, and Adri plans to leave as soon as he comes of age. The arrival of the survivors from dragon attacks interfere with his departure.

The outsiders are closely followed by the fire breathing dragons who are intent of burning Boon. All looks grim, but the departure of the dragons opens a new exciting opportunity for Adri and his friends.

To download this book, please follow this link.
My review:

I have a foggy idea of what Young Adult is, but the book cover mentioned Dragons, so I plunged in with great enthusiasm. Loved this book, loved, loved, loved it! Space, fantasy, adventures, and great danger. This is the first book by Sue Perkins I've read, and I will download the entire series to fill my Kindle for Christmas break.

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