Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Free read from Jillian Chantal

My amazing publisher has arranged for Christmas presents for everyone in the shape of free reads. I want to introduce them all here on my blog. First out is:

The Gambler's Inheritance: Christmas on St. Charles Avenue by Jillian Chantal

Historical 20th century novella.

New Orleans, Christmas Eve, 1947:

Brothers, Dirk and Beaumont McSwain are both about to become fathers. Dirk's wife has had a number of miscarriages and at thirty-six years old, is afraid this is her last chance for a healthy baby. Bo's wife is pregnant for the first time. Both are due to give birth soon.

The brothers arrange a surprise ride for their women in Papa Noel's sleigh which is actually a horse drawn carriage with fake reindeer. The evening starts out merry and bright but before the night is over, they will need a Christmas miracle.

To download this book, please follow this link.

My review:

When I saw the name of this book, the words "Gambler's Inheritance" made me imagine men smoking cigars, playing poker, and drinking whiskey. Maybe one of them cheated and was shot... Boy was I wrong! It's sexy, cute, and romantic. I even had a laugh out loud moment when Bo punches his brother to make him shut up. 

If I had any complaints, it would be that some things in the end of the book seemed a bit too easy. On the other hand, I probably wouldn't want to know any more gruesome details anyway. Curious yet? Well, read it! It's free!

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