Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Yuletide and recipe for Glögg

Regardless of what you celebrate, I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday.

Today, I'd like to share a Swedish tradition. The country is far up north, actually on the same latitude as Greenland. This means parts of the country have pretty long, dark, and cold winters.

To heat us up during December, we like to make a special kind of mulled wine. It's especially good with gingerbread cookies. You can actually buy Swedish gingerbread cookies in many grocery stores around the country - they're called "Anna's"

Anyway, IKEA carries non alcoholic Swedish mulled wine - Glögg - during December, but you can just as well make your own. I think it's super good. My husband is less impressed, but he doesn't like wine in the first place, LOL.

Recipe for Glögg

1 bottle of good red wine (the better wine you use, the better Glögg you'll get.)
15 cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
1 teaspoon ground cardemom
3 ml ginger (1/4 American tablespoon is 1.2 ml, so a little more than two of those measurements)
1 teaspoon orange extract
2 dl sugar

Mix all of it in a pan and heat up slowly. You don't quite want to bring it to boiling, but heat it until it's properly hot. Strain the spices out and enjoy the hot beverage. You can re-bottle it and save in the fridge for a few days, it can be heated in the microwave, but wine is wine and doesn't last forever once it's opened.

We usually serve Glögg with raisins and almonds (you put them in the hot wine).

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