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Free book event by “Jinxie” Gervasio!

My online friend Jinxie Gervaiso is running a free book event right now! I'll give the rudder over, so the author can tell you all about it.

Welcome Jinxie Gervaiso and the Prophecy Series!

Hey there Sinners and Saints,

January 30th through February 1st, you will be able to download Gods & Vampyres for FREE. What’s even better? From February 2nd through February 3rd, The Dracove will be FREE again.

You can get the first two books in the Prophecy series for FREE this week and this week ONLY.
Read about them below.

The Dracove – Book I of the Prophecy series

Kylie O’Rourke has unwittingly walked into the path of two vampyres—one who wants to use her as a sacrifice, and one who only wishes to win her heart. As she is pulled into their clandestine world, she learns more about her history and the reason behind her horrible nightmares.

Master vampyre Cianán searches for the one woman who could take his immortality to the next level—godhood. But, when he finds his Chosen One, his progeny Grantlund stumbles onto the Master’s plan... again. As if losing his first sacrifice to the bastard wasn’t enough, the Fates were to torment him with a second time.

Gods & Vampyres – Book II of the Prophecy series


The act never changes, only its players over thousands of years.

When Kylie is taken for use as a sacrifice in an ancient ritual, Grantlund races to save her life, but he has to wait for that perfect moment or all will be lost. Not only does he have to go up against his former Master, Cianán, one of the oldest and most powerful vampyres on Earth, but now the gods are involved, and Cianán has a very prominent one in his corner.

Grant will do anything to stop Cianán from destroying his lover and this world, but what price is he willing to pay? Death at the hands of the woman he loves?

An epic battle is about to begin, and not even the gods know who will come out the victor.

This promotion starts on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at midnight PST, so be sure to bookmark the event or write it down. And share, share, share, folks! Word of mouth is an author’s best advertising!

I’ll work hard to get the next Prophecy series book out — Gemini – Book III of the Prophecy series. It needs a lot of editing too, and perhaps some dissection where a novella may appear out of it.

Also, don’t forget to check the Just Ink Press website for Special Content.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by and reading.



NL “Jinxie” Gervasio is a creator and destroyer of worlds. She’s both editor and author, and discovered she’s quite good at the romance thing—writing it, that is—along with vampires, werewolves, zombies, angels and demons.

Jinxie is the CEO and Founder of Just Ink Press, her second publishing company, and she also owns and operates Forever Nocturne e-zine, a bi-annual literary magazine. Jinxie reviews books in her spare time, of which she rarely has any.

Jinxie was born on Friday the 13th. Her dad wanted to call her Jinx. Her mom said no. It took 34 years for her to discover the nickname, and she's grown quite attached to it. She lives in Tempe, Arizona with Umi (her mother), whom she cares for. She enjoys riding her beach cruiser "The Betty" around downtown Tempe, loves a good pub crawl, and has had the pleasure and the heartache of experiencing a love far greater than she could have ever imagined.

She welcomes you to her worlds.

Jinxie is the author of the Kick-Ass Girls Club series book Nemesis, and the Prophecy series books The Dracove and Gods & Vampyres. She’s also an editor for several successful authors.
Find Jinxie online for updates to upcoming works:

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The next big thing blog hop

Welcome to the NEXT BIG THING Blog Hop.

I intended to have this post up this morning, but I'm an itsy-bitsy-tiny bit behind with everything. Big surprise, right? :o)

Anyway, Dawn Napier invited me to the blog hop. I love these things, so a big warm Thank You to Dawn! On my stop you'll find some information on me and one of my books, and links to five other authors you can explore. :-)

Blurb for Flashback:

Steve Petersen is a Very Troubled Man. Sole survivor of a Taliban POW camp he often thinks only parts of him returned; his sanity appears to have been left behind. He seeks solace in alcohol and drugs, but nothing helps block the images from his mind for more than minutes at a time, and he is trapped in horrifying flashbacks.

He is more than surprised when he wakes up in a bright and merry bedroom that turns out to belong to the widow Anna, a woman he has rudimentary memories of meeting. Knowing he should leave isn’t the same as doing it, and before he knows what’s happening, he finds himself pulled into a world with real life problems, such as folding laundry, and what’s for dinner.

Whiskey is no longer his first priority, and not being alone in his waking nightmare is a relief. That is, until Anna disappears. Steve finds himself forced to return to Afghanistan, a place where he’ll have to face both external enemies and himself.

My questions from Dawn:

1: What is the working title of your book?

The working title, will probably be the real title, is Flashback, and it's scheduled for release in June this year.

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?

I'm not sure anymore... I started writing it years ago, and to and from it has spent long amounts of time slumbering in my computer.

3: What genre does your book come under?

It is contemporary romance with a dab of suspense.

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I don't know... I just googled actresses for about an hour and couldn't decide who looks most like the heroine does in my head, LOL. I need to think about this, get back to it in a future blog, maybe... 

5: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

One sentence? Let's see... Wounded war hero is brought back to life by strong-willed girl, will he be able to return the favour? A little lame, could be snappier, but something along those lines.

6: Is your book self-published, published by an independent publisher, or represented by an agency?

It will be published by Desert Breeze Publishing. I'm excited; they have fantastic editors and cover artists!

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

About... three years... I wrote little bits and pieces each time, pottering about with it between other projects. Concentrated writing time wouldn't be that much.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I have no idea, so I'll go with Dark Days of Promise by Shaunna Gonzales. The books aren't alike at all, but it's the only one I know dealing with PTSD. :-) Dark Days of Promise is, by the way, a fantastic book that I warmly recommend.

9: Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Hmm, I should have talked about another book, lol, I got nothing. In my defense, my brain is shut down today. I've been marathon-writing for the past couple of days to meet an unexpected deadline: 63000 words in 48 hours. ;-)

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

It has international settings, deals with real life problems and conflict, has a love story, and a little bit of adventure.

The next big thing blog hop has been going around for a while - this is my third time - and it's getting a bit hard to get new participants. Even if these guys don't play, they're well worth a visit!

Christy Elkins
Chris J. Randolph
Robert Landry
Linda Ann Rentschler
Stephen Ormsby

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Read Embarkment 2577 for free!

January 27 and 28, the collection volume of the Embarkment 2577 novellas will be available for free on Amazon!

It's always downloadable free for members of Amazon Prime, but it seemed unfair not to give everyone the same opportunity.

If you like it, I'd be most grateful for a review! =)


When Alexandra wakes up to an unknown environment, populated by a cat-like woman with a tail and a hologram of a rockstar, she knows she has to be hallucinating. Maybe she has hit her head, or finally suffered anervous breakdown. It doesn't get any better from finding out she died and was taken into the future by the elusive Adam, whom she can't remember, or from people telling her she's on a spaceship.

The last year or so is gone from her memory, and she has no choice but to try to adapt. As days go by, her new environment becomes more and more unnerving. She finds herself helpless, and completely dependent on a man who isn't even human.

Download here!

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Parallel dimensions and surprisingly solid holograms

Once upon a time, in the distant past we now call the 1990’s, I read “The Road to Omaha” by Robert Ludlum. It’s a funny book, with a hilarious foreword. He talks about the writing process going wrong and the writer giggling while working on what should be a nail-biting thriller. At the time I thought it was funny, but didn’t really get it. It would take me over twenty years to get it.

BrandNew World is the first novella in my series Embarkment 2577. When I wrote the first page, it happened. I giggled. I set out to write a serious science fiction romance about a girl transported to the future after a horrific accident. For better and for worse, my mind ran astray. The result is a scifi romance balancing on the edge of being a spoof.  Some people like it, and others think it’s the worst piece of crap ever written. I’m personally quite fond of it. =D The following novellas – High Gravity, and Adam and Eve – are more serious. I guess my subconscious had settled down a bit when I got that far.

So, what happens on that first page? The heroine wakes up in a foreign environment where everything is just a little wrong.  She hears voices, and I wanted her to meet a couple of the secondary characters right away, so she’d have someone to build rapport with. My mind pulled up an image of a magnificent cat woman. Beautiful, but strange, scary, and with the temper of a feline.

I wanted to throw another wrench in the mind of my poor heroine. One that would make her absolutely certain the world in which she woke can’t be real. Enter the rock star, or rather, a hologram of one.

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of parallel dimensions. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the concept, but the main notion is that we might live many different lives at the same time, as different people. Some think every major choice every individual makes creates a new world, so there’s one for every possible outcome. Mindboggling idea, isn’t it? In this world, I’m me. In another I might be a housewife with seven children, and in yet another I might be a contract killer. Depending on who theorizes about it, the worlds are more or less similar. One popular theory is that dimensions very close to each other are more similar, and the farther you get from your own, the bigger the differences. My mind adores ideas like this.

Anyway, in my series “The Goddess’s Saga” the main character is a several thousand year old deity who modeled her appearance on a rock star. In my head, it was always Amy Lee from Evanescence.  If you ever read those books, she's the heroine. 

I'm re-writing the Goddess books, by the way, so if you haven't read them, wait a little. They will resurface in new and improved shape in not too long.

Anyway, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be interesting if she was someone else in another dimension? Someone who looked like her and thought like her, but worked within a completely different set of parameters? She’d need a different name, of course…” 

Done, and done. If I brought Ms. Callaway over from the Goddess’s Saga I’d have to bring over her boyfriend as well: leaving her there all alone would be mean. He didn’t change as much; the drunken space rogue became a drunken pirate.

My mind wasn’t done yet. The heroine (of Embarkment) needed a love interest. Making it a human would be much too easy on her. She would be in love with… *eyes wandering over my desk; paper clip, pen, computer, paper, computer* aaah, the ship’s android life form. 

Just pairing her with the android still seemed too easy. "She can’t remember anything, because she has amnesia after dying and going to the future. Eureka!"

Are you confused yet? My head is a pretty random and messy place, where all this makes perfect sense. I think it comes together pretty nicely in the book, though. 

Below is a brief excerpt when my heroine Alexandra first meets these strange ladies. After this encounter she’s quite convinced she’s had a mental breakdown and really sits comfortably in a padded cell dressed in a shirt with very long sleeves. 

Doctor Ima pressed a paw against my forehead. Her palm was soft and lined with fine hairs. 

“Please don’t be angry with Adam, he saw no other way than to bring you along. You were quite dead you know.”

Who? What? I didn’t have time to voice any questions; the first voice I heard sounded again from further into the room. “She’s not angry with Adam. I detect quite fond feelings for him.”

This time my mouth moved when I wanted to speak, and my voice came out much stronger and steadier than I expected.  “How can I have fond feelings for someone I don’t know? Where am I? What is this place? What do you mean I was dead?”

When this woman came into view, I was certain I hallucinated. Her cold blue eyes, scrutinizing me from a beautiful face surrounded by long dark hair, were much too familiar. It was the face of a well-known rock star, and I had seen her in concert just a few months earlier. I managed to sound accusing. “You’re Amy Lee. What are you and cat woman doing in my dream?”

The face smiled and answered in a voice just like the one on the CDs I used to play in my car. “I’m not Amy Lee. I’m Doctor Anya Benton, ship’s counsellor. How do you feel?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Interview with Diane Burton

I met Diane Burton at the SFR Brigade. I haven't read her books yet, but they're definitely on my pile!  I'm delighted to welcome this talented author to my blog. :-)

Welcome Diane Burton, scifi romance writer extraordinaire!

Please tell us your latest news!

The Pilot is my latest book. (blurb and excerpt below) It’s the start of a new science fiction romance series about strong women on the frontier of space. Think the wild west of the 1800’s.

If you were to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

Not a thing. It went through many changes, revisions, edits until it reached the present state. I’m very happy with the final result.

Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

When I was in high school, my girlfriend and I would write stories based on our favorite TV shows, inserting our fictional selves into the stories. We were writing fan fiction and didn’t know it. LOL

Do you have a favorite object pertinent to your writing?

My laptop, a cup of (Keurig) coffee and my comfortable chair with a footrest. When I’m in the “zone” I could write for hours.

What do you love about your latest book?

I love Celara’s spunk. She’s small but doesn’t let others ride roughshod over her. She’s brought herself up by her bootstraps, so to speak. Everything she’s accomplished she’s done on her own.

Do your fictional characters develop on their own, or do you have their lives planned out in advance?

They develop on their own. I’ll have a sense of who they are at the beginning, but then they surprise me with details from their past.

What type of scene do you enjoy writing the most?

First meeting between the hero and heroine. I love the “dance” as each realizes the other is someone special.

When did you discover you are a writer? Was there a specific catalyst?

When I decided to start writing. My kids were nearing college age and my involvement in their school activities was winding down. It was time to do something I wanted to do for myself. I’d been reading romances for years and thought I would write one. It was much harder than I expected. LOL

How does it feel when you write?

Like I’m in another world. I zone out as the action and dialogue take place in my head then are transferred to the computer screen. Hubs will ask me questions, I’ll answer and not remember what either of us said. He’s gotten used to me being off in another galaxy.

Of all the wonderful pieces you’ve written, which is your favorite?

Switched was my first published book. So it holds a special place in my heart. I loved Switched, Too because of the hero. I’d written the book before the TV show “Castle” came on. In many ways, Scott is like Castle. He appears to be a big goofy kid that drives the heroine crazy. Yet he has a depth to him not readily seen.

I love The Pilot because it’s a new world, different from the Switched world. But I think my favorite is always the book I’m currently writing. Right now, it’s the third book in the Switched series.

What’s your favorite place you’ve visited? Do you have a “must see” destination on your bucket list?

My favorite place is Colorado. I love Rocky Mountain National Park. When I was in my 20s, my sister, girlfriend and I hiked up to the Arapaho Glacier (near Boulder). Very strenuous so we rested often then were embarrassed when older people passed us on the trail. LOL The fabulous view was definitely worth it. Bucket list? An Alaskan cruise.

Is there something funny about you people don’t know?

A long time ago, friends hosted a 1930s era “gangster” party. While the other women dressed up as glamorous “dolls”, I went as an Italian mama. I bought a dress at Goodwill that was about three sizes too big and lace-up granny shoes. I stuffed a pillow up top and skinned my hair back into a bun. I got a lot of laughs.

Thanks so much for having me here, Maria.

Thank you for being here! I love the story of that gangster party!

Blurb (scroll down for an excerpt): 

Forced to use her starship as collateral to replace stolen cargo, pilot Celara d’Enfaden risks losing everything if she fails to deliver the goods. Her ship is the home she never had as a child.

Determined to bring order to the frontier, rule-bound official Trevarr Jovano refuses to tolerate those who disrespect the law. So when an indie pilot refuses to obey, he seizes her ship and cargo.

The only thing Celara cares about more than her ship is her brother. To rescue him from the clutches of a galactic gangster, she’ll even join forces with Trevarr who is bent on avenging his wife’s murder.







The Pilot is available:

About Diane Burton:


Diane Burton combines her love of mystery, adventure, science fiction and romance into writing romantic fiction. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America® as well as the Mid-Michigan, Young Adult and Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal RWA chapters as well as the SFR Brigade. She is the author of the Switched series, about twins exchanging places — from Earth to a starship and the reverse. With The Pilot, she begins a new series about strong women on the frontier of space. She is also a contributor to the anthology How I Met My Husband. Diane and her husband live in Michigan. They have two children and two grandchildren.

See more of Diane here:

Excerpt from The Pilot

“Go ahead and eat, Administrator. Your food will get cold.”
With suspicion, he eyed the plate of scrambled spherix eggs and side of fried plantens. “I am debating whether you could have slipped poison into my food as your friend brought it to the table. Or maybe some neelonga leaves in my tea while I was looking at your leg.”
“You mean when you were ogling under my skirt?” Then she appeared to collect herself. She laughed, a quiet, deliberately delicate laugh—so different from the others he had heard. The genuine ones. “Silly boy.” She flopped her wrist in a playful gesture. “I have come to apologize for my unseemly behavior yesterday.” She smiled sweetly.
“Of course. I should have guessed.” Giving her a wry look, he picked up the crockery mug of aromatic tea. Staring into the depths, he made a show of inspecting it for foreign substances. “Are you apologizing for attempting to inflict bruises or for insulting my heritage?” He snapped his fingers. “I have it. You are apologizing for contributing to the hearing loss in my right ear.”
Her knuckles shone white before she dropped her hands into her lap.
“Administrator Jovano.” Her voice contained a good mix of apology and pleading. “Please forgive me. I should not have interrupted your First Meal. When I came in and saw you here, I knew I couldn’t eat until I settled the matter between us. I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night, so torn was I with remorse. Why, I wanted to rush to your residence last night and offer amends, but Arjay convinced me to wait until morning.”
“How? Did your AI tie you to the bed?”
“Of course not.” She took a deep breath as if steeling herself for an unpleasant task. Eating one’s words was never pleasant. What had she asked him? Boiled, broiled or fried?
“Yesterday, I was a trifle upset.” She sniffed delicately.
Trifle? In the ensuing pause, while he waited to see how deep a hole she could dig for herself, utensils clattered on crockery and voices murmured.
“I am certain a man as perceptive as you understands how distressing it was.” She pinched the bridge of her nose. When she looked up, her eyes shimmered with tears.
While she heaved a sigh, he took a bite of the spherix eggs. They were delicious, as always. Baro was a chef worthy of the finest eating establishments in the capital city. His talents were wasted out here.
Trevarr looked at d’Enfaden thoughtfully. “Those Terrans—the ones whose entertainment you record—have an aphorism that is appropriate for this occasion.” He paused to sip his tea. “If I believe your performance, you have a . . . bridge to sell?” At her astonished look, he blinked twice as if perplexed. “Did I not get the expression right?”
She jumped up, all trace of tears—and smiles—gone. He thought he heard a small popping sound that increased when she planted her palms on the table and leaned in. What he saw next completely distracted him from the soft noises. The scoop neck of the overlarge dress gaped.
Well now, Trevarr smiled. He had been fairly certain her breasts were not confined by a supportive undergarment—not that he recalled seeing supportive undergarments in the drawers she had emptied yesterday. Her bright green undertunic also gaped.
Heat jolted through him. A heat he hadn’t experienced since—
“Oh, you got it right, buddy.” Her voice, as strident as it had been yesterday in the repair bay, attracted attention from the diners. “Here’s another saying from Earth. ‘There’s no place like home.’ You stole mine, and I want it back.” She flipped the contents of his plate into his lap.
On her way past the astonished newcomers, she called through the open window to the kitchen. “Baro, Admin Man needs a new meal.”
During the silence that hung in the wake of Celara d’Enfaden’s exit, he was more aware of the fine way her gauzy skirt displayed the twitch of her hips than he was of the blue spherix eggs and pink plantens in his lap.
Sweet Divinity, he thought with a smile. What a fem.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cover reveal for Mike Resnick's new novel

It is my pleasure to take part in a cover reveal for Dog Star Books. This isn't technically a scifi romance, but it is science fiction, and I think it looks intriguing. Check it out!

A Miracle of Rare Design

The best way to learn about an alien species is not only to live among them, but to become them in both physical form and function, but could a human really learn to think like an alien, and at what cost to his humanity?

Journalist and adventurer Xavier William Lennox becomes obsessed with the rituals of the Fireflies, an alien culture of gold-skinned inhabitants living on the planet Medina. When he gets too close to their mysterious society, he's captured, tortured, and banished for his curiosity, but vows to learn what it is that the aliens are so desperate to hide, even if it means becoming one of them.

But his curiosity doesn't end with the Fireflies. As opportunities arise to study more alien races, Lennox undergoes a series of cosmetic surgeries so that he can blend in with their cultures. But each time his humanity is stretched until he faces his biggest challenge — trying to return to the ordinary life of a man who has experienced the universe in ways he was never meant to.

Author: Mike Resnick 
Cover artist: Bradley Sharp
Publisher: Dog Star Books
Genre: Anthropological Science Fiction
Release: Summer 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sneak peek on a work in process

I've been typing away on a release for this summer. It's a scifi romance that will hit bookstores in August. I know, August sounds like a long time away, but with the speed time passes I'll blink twice and half the year will be gone.

Here is a little teaser from the prologue:

“Commander, I think we have what we need. These people have a useful source of information, it’s called Wikipedia.”

“Common names? Languages?”

“Yes, ma’am. They have a number of languages and cultures. It’s all transferring to the brain-tips now.”

“No sign of discovery?”

“No, ma’am.”

The large ship lurked at the very edge of the solar system, outside the magnetic fields that presented a last layer between planets and interstellar space. Risks of discovery were infinitesimal, but one must plan even for the impossible.

“Good. Assemble the troops for upgrade, and ask pilot to take us in. Prepare global EMP.”

The woman nodded and sank back into her alcove. All mouths around the room spoke as one.
“Entering solar system. All personnel prepare for memory upgrade.”

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Covers and contest reminder.

You haven't missed Jessica E. Subject's contest, right? Today (January 19th) is the last day to enter. All you have to do is comment on her interview here on the blog.

On a completely different note, I have finally decided on the cover for the Embarkment 2577 collection. I have to admit I don't really have a blue alien with red eyes in the book, but it's the symbolism that counts, right?

There was this one image I really, really, really wanted, showing a girl sitting alone in bed looking out through a spaceship window. Unfortunately, I can't figure out who owns it. It's all over the place on wallpaper sites and I've emailed them all. They either don't answer at all, or don't know.

Have I been tempted to use it anyway? Oh, you have no idea, LOL! My fingers are still itching to just do it and hope for the best...

The alien is cool, but the girl sitting there in the bed says so much more about the story. Unfortunately, I'm not talented enough to imitate it. I could probably come up with something on the same theme, but that would take more time than I have at the moment.

If you have any ideas on how to chase the below image down, let me know.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Adam and Eve

It's finally here; the re-write of the third Embarkment novella Adam and Eve is done. Here's a little sneak peek:

The woman stood very close to me all of a sudden, and ran her hands over my shoulders. “What’s with all this meaningless lull in here, Alex? What would an android want with paintings and pottery?”

Considering how empty the rooms were before Adam met me, probably nothing. “I don’t know, but he seems happy.”

I tried to shrug her hands off, but they were glued to my shoulders.

She shook me. “I know he’s not as proud of his heritage as he should be, there’s some small programming flaw there, but it can and will be corrected.”

“Oh shit. You’re Eve, aren’t you?”

I knew Adam had a sister, but I never imagined having to face her.

“Aren’t you a clever little sack of meat?”

She hardly finished the sentence before she grabbed me by the neck and banged me against the wall. “How dare you, human?”  


In this third novella in the "Embarkment 2577" series, Alex thinks nothing more could possibly stand between her and the peaceful and secluded life she covets. There aren't any aliens standing in line to meet her, no vengeful humans sneaking up on her, and no black holes anywhere in sight. She has found a home and a family, and nothing more could possibly go wrong. Right?

All she has to do before curling up in the sofa is to escort an unexpected visitor to the guest quarters until the Captain has the time to meet the newcomer. Should be a walk in the park...

The Universe - or is it Fate - is fickle.

If someone had told me yesterday that an asteroid would collide with Earth, that we'd have a flood of Biblical proportions, or that a so...