Sunday, January 13, 2013

Plymouth Colony II - scifi romance

Plymouth Colony II by Sharolyn Wells is a sweet scifi romance. I read the book about a year ago and have been thinking about featuring it here on the blog, but never got around to it. Now is the time! Since reading the book I've also had the pleasure to get to know the author, and Sharolyn is a lovely woman. Come to think about it, I should invite her to the blog! 


Teris Keyes and her brother Eric are two of the few ‘lucky’ humans to escape the destruction of earth through the help of the Kelkani, who plan to use the humans to repopulate their dying empire. Stuck in an intern camp on an alien world, mourning the loss of all she once loved, Teris finds comfort in a romance with Camp Commander Kovar Not. The Elite of Kelkan don’t want this human contagion in the Kelkani bloodline, however, and the emperor compromises by exiling all mixed couples to a remote subcontinent. But that’s not enough for the Elite — especially their leader, Raetin Dare, who vows to make an example of them all. He kidnaps Teris to make her a public example. Teris must not only survive until Kovar can rescue her, but she must protect their unborn child.

My review:

When Earth is faced with an undefeatable threat, a number of young humans are evacuated to an alien world. No one told them how long the journey would take, how dangerous it would be, or just how different the society they're arriving to will be compared to their old lives. In the midst of danger and chaos blooms love, and a sweet romance makes the reader root for the handsome hero and charismatic heroine.

Even though I am a science fiction lover, I'm not really a part of this book's target audience; it is both Christian and patriotic. I'm neither American or of the right religion, but I still enjoyed the read. The story is interesting and the characters believable. If you're looking for a romantic adventure amongst the stars, this might very well be a new favorite!

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