Monday, February 4, 2013

Brief excerpt from Undercover

When I wrote Undercover, I didn't intend to be funny. Kind readers claim a sense of humour still shines through. On a personal note, I'm particularly fond of the beginning, when Jenny and Alex are just getting to know each other.

Jenny cupped her hands around the warm mug. She should say something, but what? If she opened her mouth, something stupid might come out, like, "Nice weather," or, "What's the weather like in Russia?" 

Alex's eyes glittered. "You have good coffee." 

"Yeah, it's not bad. Mark usually makes a pot in the morning. He really likes coffee. So, what's the weather like where you come from?" 

There it was, the stupid weather. Great for stalling a customer on the phone, but right now, not so much. Why couldn't she talk like a normal person instead of going from mute to babbling? 

Alex chuckled, "Cold, colder, cold, really hot, and back to cold."

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