Friday, February 1, 2013

SFR Brigade presents...

Not long ago, I joined the SFR Brigade. This is a fantastic group of talented and supportive scifi romance writers. There is a blog and a Facebook page with information about science fiction romance writers and books.

Anyway, today's event is called "SFR Brigade Presents," and every participant presents (everyone together now, say 'participants present' quickly twelve times, lol) a snippet of one of their books or a work in process.

My snippet below comes from Operation Earth that will be released in August by Desert Breeze Publishing. Check out this page for links to the other participants. =)

The blurb will be along the lines of:

Seven billion people go about their daily business, happily unaware of the planet's place in an ancient re-assimilation schedule. When the aliens arrive, they take out all Earth's technology with a single, global EMP blast. Helpless to do anything but comply, the planet slowly settles into a new way of life.

In the midst of all this sits Rachael, torn between the resistance movement and her own curiosity. She nurtures a dangerous secret: a friendship with one of the invaders. As the hostilities between humans and newcomers escalate, the planet appears doomed. Will Rachael have the power to safe life on Earth as we know it?

The queue moved forward. Ten steps, thirty, a hundred. It would be his turn to enter the chamber soon. The memories of the last world visited, Ka’thwuk, would be gone and his mind would be filled with awareness of Earth.

He stepped into the reprogramming chamber, obediently following the line. Could I have stayed home? Would I have found a chosen? No way to know and a futile line of thought.

A tentacle brushed over his hair and he shuddered. At least he didn’t have to connect with the ship. Being a man had many disadvantages, but this was a definite upside.

The tentacle uncovered his old implant and ripped it out, sending blazing pain through his being. Excessive training kept him on his feet, even as his legs threatened to buckle. Then, the ship thrust the new brain-tip in, and his stomach flipped over as new and unwanted knowledge forced its way into his mind.

The sensation passed quickly, and he followed the line of men forward once more, towards the other side of the chamber. He was Peter now, fluent in every language spoken on the world below. I’m going to America on the planet Earth. 


  1. Wow, the imagery here is vivid. I already get the feeling that "Peter's" culture is a bit brutal. Great excerpt.

  2. Fascinating premise and this excerpt really hooks me into wanting to keep reading and know more.

  3. Very intriguing premise in this snippet and a lot revealed about an alien culture in a few words. Very nicely done.

    Please keep us posted on the release!

  4. Very intriguing indeed. Lots packed in here to capture my imagination.

  5. Love the concept! I am so very curious about how it all unfolds!

  6. Thank you everyone for stopping by! I'm delighted to see so many comments! =D

  7. Great imagery, indeed! I totally want to read about Rachael and her friendship with the invader.

  8. I am thrilled to get such a positive response! =D


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