Friday, March 15, 2013

A new edition of SFR Brigade Presents

Time passes so quickly, I've missed the SFR Brigade presents the last couple of weeks. I mean, it's Monday, and then it's Monday again. I don't know what happens to the days in between... ;-)

So, what is this again? I'll post a snippet from one of my scifi romances below, and you can click here to check out excerpts from more science fiction romance authors!

The below comes from High Gravity, one of my self published scifi romance novellas in the Embarkment 2577 series. If you choose to read it, know that I giggled through writing most of the first novella - Brand New World - and it might be best read tongue in cheek. I had settled down somewhat when I got to the rest, so they're more... normal. ;-)

Here goes:
Our visitor cleared his throat. “When we heard you’d be late due to a problem with the Tokamak field, quite frankly, no one believed it.”

“The big ugly thing in the basement? It’s giving me nightmares.”

To my surprise, he sounded sympathetic. “I can see that. As I was saying, no one believed it, but your Captain was courteous enough to show me the temporary repairs. I guess you weren’t just stalling for time.”

Blake leaned forward over his desk. “Why would we be stalling for time?”

Kevin leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs. “It has been suggested to me this sudden pairing ceremony is a sham. For whatever reason, someone on this ship doesn’t want her to leave, and that someone is grasping at straws to keep her here. Fame? Glory? What better way to keep her here than arrange a marriage to a machine?”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “I’ve heard enough. Can I go now?”

The scientist turned to me. “Alex, I’ve been stationed in the Biisind system for three years. I have no personal interest in what you do or don’t do, but I urge you to come with me to Earth.”

Pfft. Talk’s cheap. I glanced over towards Blake, but he seemed to be biding his time.

“Joshen Martinez is an old friend of mine, a mentor, he wouldn’t hurt you. He just wants to connect you to a machine that will tap out your memories. Your knowledge is valuable, and everyone would be able to see what you know. Sort of... like watching a movie.”

Having people watch all my memories? Intrusion of privacy, much?

I got to my feet. “I’ve heard enough of this. I have other things to do.”

Kevin stood up too. “Yes you do. Go pack your bags. This joke is over and you’re coming with me to the Kentucky.”

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