Saturday, March 23, 2013

Casting the characters: Alex from Embarkment 2577

Blake Lively
Many authors make a dream cast of their characters. I'm pretty bad at it, but it's still fun to look at photos and try to figure out what the imaginary people really look like. 

I stumbled over this image of Blake Lively and thought, "Hey, she looks just like Alex in my head." The next thought was, "This girl looks familiar."

I just wished for her as Jenny in Undercover. Having the same actress for two characters might be overdoing it...

Julianne Moore

Next try, I ended up with Julianne Moore, but I can't imagine her as terrified and out of place as Alex is most of the time. If she was lost in space and time she'd probably be lost in a dignified way.

Emma Stone
Take three: Emma Stone. I might change my mind again - or veer back to Blake Lively after a few days when I forget about the Undercover post, LOL, but for now, it's Emma Stone.

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