Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's here, it's here, Happy Joy Joy, it's here! =D

What might have arrived that makes me this excited? A copy of Kidnapped in paperback! Thus far, the book has been available as e-book for all sorts of readers. Starting this week, it's also available in print.

Kindles and Nooks are okay, but I like holding a book in my hands, and the cover looks so good.

What? I haven't remembered to tell you what the book is about? Silly me! *slaps forehead*


It's a late winter night when Patricia Risden heads home in her car, on a road she's driven many times before. She doesn't have a care in the world, that is, until a man appears from nowhere, right in front of her. 

When she awakes, she finds herself a prisoner of the unscrupulous Alliance Commander Travis 152; an intimidating man who demands information and complete cooperation. Travis soon realizes his mistake; Tricia doesn't know anything, and she is incapable of even getting a glass of water from the ship's computer. 

Infamous for being a ruthless executioner, conditioned since childhood to feel nothing besides fear and pain, he still deems her harmless, and finds enough pity for the lost young woman to let her out of the cell; a decision that will change both their lives forever.

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