Thursday, March 14, 2013

Undercover, excerpt four

When Mark and Alex went to get their coats, Jenny watched their backs for a second with a longing she couldn't define. She must have been alone for too long. She shook herself out of it and went towards her office, but her feet stopped just before crossing the threshold. At the other end of the corridor, Alex looked back over his shoulder and winked at her. Her heart skipped a beat, and in the next moment Nori was there, pulling her into the room.

Trying to whisper wasn't Nori's strong side, and Jenny was happy the men already left the building when her friend asked, "What was that? What just happened? Are you crazy? He's probably from the Russian mafia or something, and you're going to get yourself raped and killed."

Jenny sighed and made a dismissive gesture, but her friend knew her much too well for something like that to work. As hard as she tried not to confess anything, Nori was relentless, and she finally sat down. "Oh hell yes, he's gorgeous. I feel... I don't know... It was electric."

Her friend giggled. "So, when will you see him again?"

Nori had always been the pushier one, and Jenny took a lot of pleasure in delivering the news. "Soon. Mark invited me for lunch. They'll come pick me up."

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop grinning. Lunch was just a little over an hour away.

Nori's eyes were just as dark as her hair, and now they went wide with cheerful surprise. "Ooooh, that's great. I'm so proud of you."

Looking innocent was almost impossible, but Jenny managed, at least for a few seconds. "Don't be. He sort of asked. I didn't do a thing."

"Who did? Mark?"

Jenny winked and replied as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "No, silly, Alex did."
Her friend squealed, loud enough to carry into the surrounding rooms, "Oooh, that's great, this is so exciting."

Jenny smirked. It hadn't taken Nori many seconds to forget all about the Russian mafia and the possibilities of her being raped, murdered, and possibly cut up into little pieces to be conveniently fed to any predator nearby. 

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