Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 invention wishlist

I was looking back at old blog posts, and about a year ago I wrote an invention wish list. I had forgotten all about it, but now when I look at it, I still like the ideas. It had an iVacuum. I think I would like to reconfigure that to an iClean, which would be a multipurpose self-running house cleaning device. (Yes, I want a housekeeping robot, LOL.)

I found this image on the website http://labautomationrobotics.wordpress.com. They say machines have been taught to scan a room, detect things that aren't in the right place, and move them. That would be convenient!

The iBeauty would also be fantastic. In my imagination, it's a mask you stick your face into, and voila - instant, perfect makeup. I could sure do with an iHair too, fixing my hair. There's a possibility the housekeeping robot could help out, of course, but I think he/she/it would be busy enough anyway.

The thing I really want is an iTransport. Humanity needs a teleporter. Would save both time and the environment. Get building, engineers. :-)

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