Thursday, April 11, 2013

Teaser: excerpt for Saving Casey by Liza O'Connor

Tomorrow I'm interviewing one of the main characters from Liza O'Connor's novel Saving Casey. I want to give a little preview of the goodness we're in for.

Let's start with the blurb:

Having been diagnosed with cancer, Cass Goldman decides to opt out of any futile medical care and end her life. While she has some thoughts on afterlife, she never expects to reincarnate into the body of a seventeen-year-old girl named Casey Davidson.

When she awakens in a hospital, Cass discovers two disturbing facts: One, she is now inside the body of a troubled teenager, and two, the former owner of this body committed suicide, but only Cass knows that. Everyone else believes Casey has survived, but suffered a complete memory loss. Cass has two choices: to take on Casey’s life and turn it around, or to confess the truth about her reincarnation and end up in a mental asylum. Given this second chance at life, Cass decides to take on the future life of Casey—the frightening ghoul-faced teen with short, black, spiky hair.

Every person around Cass has an ulterior motive and discovering the truth of Old Casey’s life is more complicated than the “new math” she is forced to learn in school. In addition, Cass has to contend with raging teenage hormones and the prior crimes of Old Casey, which she might not remember, but everyone else certainly does. However, her biggest frustration concerns her feelings for her father’s rugged security specialist who sees her only as a teenager and doesn’t want to explore the mutual attraction between them.

As determined as Cass is to turn this life around, Old Casey’s enemies are just as determined to end her life. She has no idea whom she can trust, but she knows she’ll never survive going it alone.

And... here's an excerpt! =)

Thornton entered with a tall glass of green tea and bowl of nuts and dried fruit. “Thought you might want some nutrients after your work out.” He set down the tray. “And for future references, there are extra slippers in the bathroom closet where you found the robe.”
“Okay, now you’re creeping me out. Do you have a camera in the bathroom?”
“Of course not! However, I do monitor the gym. Your father put a camera in after his first heart attack.”
She had been about to take a sip of the tea when his words slammed her like a two ton truck.
The next moment Thornton knelt at her feet, scolding her for her lack of shoes, all the while picking up shards of glass.
“When did that happen?” Tears swelled in her eyes. She couldn’t lose her dad. Despite the terrible thing he did to Old Casey, he’d been nothing but wonderful to her. She needed him…damn it, she loved him. “Is he okay now? Is there something he should be doing but isn’t?”
Her butler-parent checked her feet to insure she hadn’t been hurt.
“Thornton, talk to me!”
He sighed heavily. “It’s not my place to discuss this. Nor should I have said anything. Most remiss of me.”
“I’ll keep your remissive moment a secret. Just tell me if he’s okay now.”
Thornton sighed heavily and looked up, meeting her worried gaze. “Turning your life around is the best thing you can do for your parents and yourself, and that is all I’m saying on the matter.”
“All right. If I ask Dad, I won’t mention this conversation. I have to look out for my butler-parent, too.”
He actually smiled before standing up. “I’ll bring you another green tea.”
“How about a diet Dr. Pepper in a can—since I’ve proven unreliable with glassware.”
Another smile. What a great day!
“I’ll see what I can do,” he said and left the walk-in closet.

If you want to see more, stop by tomorrow! You can also visit Liza O'Connor's blog and take a closer look at Saving Casey just by clicking on these friendly, colorful words. ;-)

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