Thursday, April 18, 2013

The best part of my day :-)

I always found mornings pretty bleh, but lately that has changed. My days usually start with my youngest dog jumping up in bed, poking me with a paw. It's like a when a human tries to shake another human awake, but he does it with his cute little foot. I pet him a little and tell him to go back to sleep. Then, my Princess Bonnie comes up and rolls over so I can rub her tummy.

These few minutes in the morning are so wonderful. I'm still too sleepy to worry about everything I have to do, or any other problems that might lurk, and for a little while, there's just peace and doggy lovin'. If I could choose one perfect moment in time where I'd like to stay forever, that would probably be it.

Princess Bonnie napping on my pillow

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