Monday, May 20, 2013

Great reviews for Undercover!

The website Faerie Tale Books has kindly featured Undercover with a spotlight and review. Check out these kind words:

"Undercover is James Bond meets Stephanie Plum! Jenny Moore lives a pretty normal life, does pretty ordinary everyday things like gossip with her girlfriends. She dreams of having adventures and getting lost in a romance. One day she gets a client that will change her life forever. Alexei Roshenko is a very competent spy and assassin. When he comes to America he doesn’t expect to meet the girl of his dreams. The instant heat and attraction between Jenny and Alexei is swoon worthy. The two are caught up in a whirlwind romance that leaves them both breathless. When Alexei’s trip comes to an end he goes back to Russia with a heavy heart. He can’t get Jenny and their time together out of his mind. Jenny is just as bad, except for once in her life she decides to be impulsive and follows Alexei to Russia. Their reunion is not what she expected.

Maria Hammarblad has written a faced paced, quirky romance that combines action, adventure, comedy, and danger. From the first page to the last the reader is caught up in Jenny’s life and her adventures that follow after leaving America for Russia. The suspense and drama bring the character’s closer together.The character’s worm their way into the reader’s heart, while the plot ensnares the reader’s interest page after page. Will Jenny and Alexei get a chance to be together? Sit back and hang on for the ride of your life!"

The following comes from the website Bookworm Babblings. Thank you!

"Jenny Moore starts the New Year with high expectations of great things.  Little did she know that it would happen right in her office.  In walks Alexei Roshenko, a Russian Captain, man of mystery with a sexy accent.  The chemistry is instant, they’re inseparable. Will she still love him when she finds out his secrets?  How far will he go to keep her safe?

There was quite a bit more romance than I’d expected in this book.  It starts of a little slow in the beginning, but if you can stick with it, it certainly picks up the pace about halfway through.  I thought it was interesting how committed Alexei was from the very beginning.  Jenny seemed very trusting, when Alexei gave her a glimpse of his past. After hearing it, I’d personally would have run and not look back.  It was very exciting in the second half of the book and things get really interesting.  All in all, a great novel filled with romance and suspense."

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