Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On the road: Blogger Conference

I am on my way from sunny Florida to Virginia. I've never been there before. It's funny; I've been to the north and south of the US, but never before anywhere in the middle. LOL.

The occasion: Blog Paws blogger conference. I'm evidently a book blogger and not a pet blogger, but my daytime job is in the pet industry, and if anyone visits the conference, I'll be wearing a PlexiDor badge. Look for me at the PlexiDor booth, or mingling. =)

Considering I'm an introverted science fiction novelist, I'm definitely more of a writer than a talker. My colleagues handle the booth much better than I. I look at the product and say, "Uh, it's a pet door. The cat or dog goes in and out." I can write about it, but face to face with a person I don't have all that much to say.

Since I am the company blogger, it seemed prudent that I should go to the blogger conference anyway. I'm really happy the sales team thought of me; I didn't expect anyone would ask if I wanted to go. (Thank you Robert and Maya, if you're reading this!)

One of my friends in the office looked at the schedule and said, "That's great. Look at all these seminars you can go to."

I thought, "Yeah, yeah, spending more time listening to people babbling about nothing."

At the time I was still in school, and had lectures falling out my ears because my head was so full of them. (LOL) I looked at the schedule yesterday, and now when my brain has had some time to recuperate from the university, some of the seminars actually look useful. Like, "Tips on how to market e-books."

I'm still going with mixed feelings. I feel guilty for leaving hubby with the dogs, and guilty for leaving the dogs. Luckily, it's just a few days.

If you are at the conference, come see me and tell me you read this blog post. If you do, I'll send you a free e-copy of my next book Flashback. The release date is June 21, so you'd have to wait a little, but not awfully long.

I don't expect to be blogging much from the conference, so this corner of the Internet might be quiet for a few days. We'll see. I might find some writing time.

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