Friday, May 31, 2013

Operation Earth is proceeding according to schedule.

Yes, as any well-plotted invasion should, Operation Earth is keeping its time table. It is a scifi romance, and hopefully I'll be able to share the cover soon. Since time moves faster and faster the older I get, the release date in August should be here in about a week...

My editor is both excellent and funny. We had a comical discussion about what the grouping of aliens come to invade us might be called. Like, "You're now a part of the... something something."

Picking a word for the "something" isn't all that easy. Every expression I could think of was already used.

Star Trek has a Federation. Star Wars has an Empire and an Alliance. Firefly has an Alliance. Andromeda has a Commonwealth. I think both Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica have councils, but I might be mistaken. I think the Jaffa in Stargate are also run by a council. 

To complicate things further, I use a Confederacy in the Embarkment books, an Alliance in Kidnapped, and the Borealis series have a Protectorate. Can't use any of those. 

I was stumped. 

Luckily, editor's husband came to the rescue with a great idea. The Earth is invaded by the "United Galactic People's Republic." If you see a space ship marked UGPR you'd better take cover. They are here to assimilate us!

High Five!


  1. I had that same problem Maria in my Sci-Fi Series! Took me about six months to figure out what to call the four races/groups I put into "The Universe as I see it". I managed, but I feel your pain.

    Sadly, with all the greats that have gone before us Sci-Fi'ers, we sometimes feel like we're having to reinvent the!

    I'll remember to keep an eye out for the UGPR!

  2. Thank you for coming over! It's good to hear it's not just me. ;-)


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