Friday, May 10, 2013

The SFR Brigade presents, Adam and Eve

Good news for scifi romance lovers: it is time for a new issue of the SFR Brigade presents! 

Today, I'm presenting a snippet from the beginning of my novella Adam and Eve; the third book in my series Embarkment 2577. It's out of context, of course, but I'm sure you get the idea.

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“You look like a scared Ensign right out of the academy. It doesn’t become you. Spill it.”

My Captain’s eyes looked right through me and could probably see the wall on the other side. Visiting his office all alone wasn’t one of my best ideas. 

I took a deep breath and plunged in. 

“You know how John’s ship was almost destroyed when he saved us from the black hole?”

Blake leaned his elbows on the table and tapped his fingertips together. 

“It would be hard to miss considering I’ve housed it in a cargo bay for three weeks.”

“Yeah… About that…”

“He needs three more weeks?”

“I was actually thinking… He didn’t have to come save us, and he put everything on the line for us. Maybe you could ask him to hang around for a while?”

He blinked. 

“You want me to ask a drunken criminal to come live on the flagship of the Confederacy?”

“Yes, but it sounded better in my head.”

“Dammit, Alex. We are the law. We’re supposed to catch people who steal and smuggle and put them away.”



In this third novella in the "Embarkment 2577" series, Alex thinks nothing more could possibly stand between her and the peaceful and secluded life she covets. There aren't any aliens standing in line to meet her, no vengeful humans sneaking up on her, and no black holes anywhere in sight. She has found a home and a family, and nothing more could possibly go wrong. Right?

All she has to do before curling up in the sofa is to escort an unexpected visitor to the guest quarters until the Captain has the time to meet the newcomer. Should be a walk in the park...

You can see this novella on Amazon by clicking here. Members of Amazon Prime can read the entire series for free.


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