Friday, May 24, 2013

The SFR Brigade Presents: A Shadow of a Man

Good news for scifi romance lovers: it is time for a new issue of the SFR Brigade presents! 

Today I'm presenting a snippet from my upcoming novella "A Shadow of a Man" - number XII in the Borealis series by Desert Breeze Publishing. It's not quite done yet, but the release date isn't until November or something like that, so I still have time. =)

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Theresa walked between Dominic and Geo. How could anyone be expected to believe she and Giovanni were siblings? She was short and dark haired, and he was tall with a mop of fair hair crowning a face that looked nothing like hers. Adopted, maybe… Or with a different mom or dad, maybe from different planets… 

At least no one questioned them.

At least she still remembered her new name. Riza sounded enough like Theresa to be feasible for her.
Her eyes darted around. The station wasn’t as bad as she expected. She had imagined the place to be busy, dirty, and smelly. She wanted to grab Dominic’s arm and ask about it, but he was already wandering off to the side.

Geo had apparently developed a knack for reading her mind.

“The top floors are the nicest. The further down you get… Well, you’ll see when we go to Korn. You won’t want to wander any further down than that.”

The upside of being rich; even with false identities, money gave better treatment.

The stress was getting the better of her. She wanted to wipe her palms on her clothes, but she couldn’t do that. Could the guards see how nervous she was?

“Well, how bad can it be? It’s not like they eat children or anything, right?”

Geo didn’t answer. She didn’t think Dominic paid attention to her, but he gave a huffing noise.

It could mean anything, but sounded an awful lot like “yes.”


  1. Nice tension in this. And *does* the station eat children? Eek!

    1. Thank you! Oh, the lower levels of this space station are quite horrendous. Anything might happen. (I didn't even make it up; I'm number twelve in a row of different authors writing about it.) =D

  2. I love the characterisation here, and the way you slipped in the physical descriptions while making them relevant to the plot! Lots of tension and plenty to be curious about in this snip.


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