Friday, May 3, 2013

The SFR Brigade Presents: Touch of the Goddess

It is time for a new issue of the SFR Brigade presents. Today, I'm sharing the first few lines from my novel Touch of the Goddess. This is the first book in The Goddess's Saga, a mix of science fiction, romance, and mythology, and was recently re-released after getting a complete facelift.

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The man leaned back in his chair and propped his feet up on a console, trying to pour himself one more drink from an empty bottle.
Nothing came out and he squinted into it, seeking proof it was really dry.


He wasn’t particularly worried over the shards of shattered glass that spread all over the floor when it hit the wall behind him. He was worried about being out of whiskey. Drought would be a real problem.

He rose to his feet on unsteady legs and made his way to a cabinet hanging on the wall.

Damn this floor is unsteady. They don’t make them like they used to.

At least he found more booze, and he cradled the bottle.

“Hello sexy.”

Talking to bottles might not be a good habit, but there wasn’t anyone around to hear him, so who cared.
He started drinking when he left station TL52 earlier in the day. He had been paid well and carried nice new cargo that would pay even better. These were good reasons to celebrate. Especially since bad memories tended to seep into his mind, ruining any good mood. Using alcohol to chase his ghosts away seemed reasonable. The first drink was lonely in his stomach and wanted company by a second one, and so it went.

As soon as he sat down, the proximity alarm blared.

What the hell, space is huge. How can there possibly be someone out there?

He braced himself for the collision, but remembered to protect the fresh bottle, just in case he’d survive.



Drinking and flying is a bad combination. Stephan Forks learns this the hard way when he rams another ship in spite of the vastness of space. A moment later, a strange woman stands on his bridge, looking around with a frown. She's clearly a figment of his imagination. Nothing in his colorful past of smuggling and smaller crimes prepared him for people appearing out of nowhere.

Maria Callaway has carried more names and appearances than she can keep track of, and she's bored beyond belief. When she runs into Stephan, he seems to be an amusing pastime. He's interesting, disorganized, pursued by pirates, and handsome. A little too handsome, actually. Maybe she should leave?

Neither of them can foresee the chain of events set in action from their meeting. Adventure and danger go hand in hand during the upcoming days, and the collision resonates not only through their own lives, but changes the destiny of the world as they know it.


  1. A different introduction to a character! And the idea of drink... ah... spacetravelling? Bound to lead to an accident.

    Rinelle Grey

  2. He is quite a... character. LOL! =D Thank you for coming over! =D


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