Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Disaster strikes; we're out of coffee!

My morning habits are deeply rooted and difficult to break. Around seven every morning my doggies wake me up and I take them outside. This isn't quite as easy as it sounds; the little house we rent has a nice, fenced-in back yard, but no back door, so taking them out involves putting leashes on all of them and walking them around the house. 

There are people out there.

Every morning, the door to our house swings open, a gang of happy dogs jump out, and pull me behind them. This version of me isn't the civilized one that presents itself well in daily life; this is the straight out of bed version dressed in an old robe with hair standing straight up. 

People in cars turn their heads and stare. Parents walking their kids to school usher their children to walk faster. One time, the neighbor was on the roof fixing something and I thought he would fall down. 

Sorry world. I guess I love my dogs more than the rest of you. They need to go out and they need to go right now. There's no time for civilized behavior. LOL!

By the time we head back inside I'll be a bit more awake. While they do their business I have the time to pull my fingers through my hair and make sure my nightie and robe at least cover up the important parts. The way from the yard back to the door is usually fairly eventless. Unless there's something on the road that should be herded, of course.

Border Collies feel strongly about herding. It's not just sheep: anything with the right size moving at the right speed should be taught to stand still and form a neat little group. The "right size" part is relative. Some Border Collies think trains are the right size, others will settle for ducks. Either way, one has to keep a close eye on them.

My Border Collie mix Bonnie has a thing for bikes and motorcycles. They upset her, and she wants to teach them how to behave. 

Anyway, this fine morning was bike-less, and we made it back into the house without having to discuss why things on the road are off limits, and why the kids going to school should not be herded.

A normal morning I'll feed the dogs, make a gigantic cup of coffee, and head for my little office where I'll check my social media, maybe write something for the blog, and work on my books for a couple of hours before I have to get ready and go to work.

Today, I fed the dogs, shuffled over to the coffee maker, lifted the can of coffee... and it was empty. I opened it and peeked inside. Empty. Shook it. Still empty.

I opened the cupboard already knowing there wouldn't be any coffee in there. Hope still made me rummage around and look behind the cake mixes, flour, and mashed potatoes. No coffee. 

I looked in the fridge. No coffee. Found a yogurt. 

By now, I could hear the imaginary people in my head snickering. It's easy to start a day without caffeine if you only exist in a writer's imagination! I've been working on my Borealis story and I swear the heroine - Theresa - was rolling on the floor laughing. Bad character. I had to threaten her with being caught by the bad guys and tortured to make her shut up. 

The yogurt was okay, but didn't cut it. Now I face a horrible, but inevitable conclusion. I will have to go into the world, to the grocery store, and face real life people. In the morning. Without having coffee first. Eeeek!

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