Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Excerpt from Flashback

I've had some blog posts lately, but I haven't blogged much. There's a difference between posting other people's stuff and actually writing something...

The house hunt has me pretty exhausted. I have a contract now, but getting everything together with the loan inspection and the selling bank is nothing short of insane. My bank requires an inspection. In order to make that happen, the inspector requires that power and water be on. The selling bank refuses to turn on the utilities, and they refuse to let me turn on the utilities even though I offer to pay for it. Finally, they would let me turn on the power, but not the water.

The power company say they require an inspection to turn on the power, but the inspection can't take place without power. Seems like a good time to bang one's head against the wall, right?

All this has me pretty stuck. I'm sure it will all turn out for the best in the end, but right now, my mind is blank. Since I don't have anything else to say, I'm going to share an excerpt from Flashback.
Enjoy. =)


Steve took a good swig from the fresh drink and turned towards the woman perched next to him. She drifted in and out of focus, and he needed to squint to see her properly.

She was pretty. Maybe not beautiful, but certainly pretty, and the old him wouldn't have hesitated to make a move on her. Hell, the old him would already be trying to kiss her; that nice curvy body would be impossible to resist. She had an attractive face, beautiful dark eyes, and a gorgeous smile. If she wasn’t everything any man would wish for, he didn’t know who would be.

This, however, wasn't the old him. It was the new and improved him, and normal people shouldn't be anywhere near.

Glancing over at Mae, he lifted an eyebrow to ask if this was really a good idea. She nodded, so he returned his attention to Anna.

"Okay... A year ago I almost strangled my fiancée. I thought she was an Al-Qaida soldier who just wouldn't die. During the year since she left me, I've, amongst other things, crashed two cars, accidentally put a friend in the hospital, cut myself up, and shot my house to pieces. This is Mae, she used to date my buddy. Eddie, but he is almost as crazy as I am, so I think it was doomed from the start. Happy?"

He didn't have to look to know Mae slapped her forehead. This little speech would be enough to make anyone disappear, so he returned his attention to his drink. Thus far, booze hadn't filled the void inside, but it might if he kept on trying.

"Whoa, you've got bigger problems than I do."

Why did she sound amused? She should be scared, moving to the other side of the room. Besides, living in hell on earth didn't seem funny at all to him.

He had to raise his head to look at the women, and saw them exchange a glance. Mae shrugged and made a face stating it was all true. The woman next to him didn't scream or run away; she smiled.

"Tell you what, I'm not asking you to move in with me, I just want some company because it's been a really shitty couple of weeks. I promise if you start strangling me, I'll hit you over the head with this bottle. Deal?"

She grabbed an empty bottle from the counter and waved it in the air to demonstrate. As much as he wanted to maintain the grumpy attitude, he couldn't help but laugh. This chick was funny. She seemed to be so alive, much more than anyone else he had met for a long time, and certainly much more than he was. He wanted people around him, didn't he? Wasn't that why he left the safety of the shack he called home?

The thought of that little woman hitting him with a bottle made him chuckle.

"Alright, but promise to keep that thing near just in case you have to hurt me. I'm Steve."

He held out his hand, glancing at her from under the hair that stubbornly fell into his eyes. She shook it without hesitation, and touching another human was wonderful. He wanted to hold on.

"I'm Anna. It's nice to meet you Steve."

"Yeah, you say that now."


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