Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Great reviews for Flashback!

The first reviews for Flashback are ticking in, and thus far it has received warm words. Happy Joy Joy! =D

Cindi from the website Mommasez writes:

"A two part story, Flashback first explores the very gritty reality of war, alcohol, PTSD, and lonely people. The second part is pure, non-stop action. The common thread, however, that holds the two parts together is the deep love of Anna and Steve. Flashback tells the story of ex-CIA operative, Steve, who has spent the past year recuperating from incredibly traumatic torture in Afghanistan. His girlfriend has left him and the bottle is now his only friend. He meets widowed Anna one Autumn afternoon in a bar and she immediately adopts him as her ‘next cause’. She patiently puts up with his daily terrors and flashbacks and his constant state of drunkenness. Eventually, her patience and never-ending love and encouragement help Steve get off the bottle and pills. And THAT’S when life gets interesting. I don’t do spoilers so here are some keywords for the second part of Flashback: greed, kidnapping, a yellow bikini with red flowers, rescue, cannibalism, baby Daddy, gunfights.
The story was absolutely realistic, even down to the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal, which makes for a more enjoyable read to me. The kidnapping, rescue, and escape were exciting and tense – believe me, I had my fingers crossed several times! Military camaraderie, post-battle life, and the women who love these men is always a sad story but author Maria Hammarblad imbues her book with optimism and courage, hope for a better tomorrow. We could all use a little hope, right?"

Paula Bush McElwee also read Flashback, and said:

"I just finished Flashback and stayed up way too late and even skipped some of the things I should have done because I couldn't put it down. Maria Hammarblad has written another great story full of wonderful characters, dramatic plot twists, moments of true terror, and a love that grows and fills the story and makes getting through the scary times possible. Great book!"

Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite also had kind words:

"Flashback" is an insight into the life of a soldier. Steve was a soldier who came "home" after being gruesomely tortured at the hand of the enemy. His past continued to haunt him all the time. He tried to escape the memories by drowning himself in alcohol and drugs but they seemed to be making it more difficult ... then Anna came. Suddenly, his life was better. He had the urge to do things for her, to make her happy. She made him feel human again and he was ready to change everything for her. Then calamity struck; Anna was kidnapped right after they got married and were living in their dream house. Steve would have to go back to live his nightmare if he wanted his wife back. Would he be able to go back to the place that ruined his life? Would he be able to overcome his demons and fight for his love?

"Flashback" starts with a very powerful beginning that hooks the attention of the reader. Once you start you cannot stop until you have read the last page. And once you are done with that, you will want to read it all over again. A delightful reading for those people who are mature readers and who do not shy away from mild violence and expressive language. If you are one of them then this book will be a definite keeper for you." 

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