Thursday, June 20, 2013

News and the house hunt

I've been quiet this last week. Sorry 'bout that. Truth is, I'm exhausted. I've been meaning to write a blog post and talk about it, but I haven't had the energy. Ironically funny, right! I think stress is getting to me. It'll be better once we're settled in a new place, I'm sure.

Who knew finding a new place to live could be so difficult? I have my eyes on a lovely house that would be perfect for us. It has everything I want: a yard big enough for my doggies, a nice kitchen, and the house itself is large enough for both my books and hubby's hobbies. We'll see what happens.

I think my husband secretly hopes we won't get it, because he feels comfortable in the area of town we're in. I don't, I really don't. I'm sure this was a nice area in the past, and in his mind it still is. It's close to work and close to stores, but it also has high crime, some very peculiar people, and at night cars drive by playing rap music so loud it wakes me up inside the house.

In my book - no pun intended - an area where people regularly drive down the street at three in the morning, playing music loud enough for me to heart the lyrics inside my bedroom, isn't really nice and quiet.

He doesn't see the area as I do - he drives past it in his car - but I walk along it with the doggies. Some yards have grass tall enough to reach above my knees. Wildlife loves that, of course, and at the evening walks I encounter both snakes and spiders the size of tape rolls. We are in Florida. Anything creepy crawly you can think of, we have it. During the evening walks, I also get to know much too much about the neighbors...

To be fair, many of the residents work hard to keep it nice. They paint their houses, re-do their roofs, and work diligently on their yards. It's just swallowed up so quickly by the ones who don't care. Maybe I'm wrong to want to leave the neighborhood, but honestly, it's not our house and we can't stay in it once the lease runs out. We have to go somewhere. Might as well upgrade, right?

Anyway, enough of the house talk. Every time I feel about to give up, something happens that makes everything worthwhile.  Today, I got a message saying, "I just finished two of your ebooks. They are just what I've been looking for for a long time." Yay! This person just made my day! She'll probably never know how much those sentences mean to me, but to me, it's a message to keep writing, and to keep pushing forward!

What else? Well, some exciting things are coming up in the near future. IE, tomorrow. It's the summer solstice, and to me as a Swede, this is the second biggest holiday of the year. I've taken a day off work, and will most likely sit in the yard with my feet up, celebrating the day through typing. Haha!

June 21 is also:

  • The release day for my next novel, Flashback.
  • The start of the Flashback blog tour. Coming soon to a blog near you!

  • Aaand *drumroll* it's the start of the SFR Brigade's summer blog hop! I'll post more information about this tomorrow morning!

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