Monday, July 22, 2013

Attempts of rescue...

There's a stray dog in my neighborhood, and I want to save her so bad. She breaks my heart and I can't stop thinking about her. 

Every night she stands at one of the houses across the street with her nose pressed against the door, wagging her tail. Sometimes she stands up and peeks in through the windows. They want nothing to do with her. They shoo her away. Still, she keeps coming back every day.

These people only speak Spanish. Unfortunately, I don't. I think the dog only understands Spanish too.

Every evening, I go across the road and sit on their driveway, talking to the dog, and tossing her little pieces of food. At first she was terrified of me and kept her distance. Then she dared come a little closer, and a little closer. Last night she was brave enough to come up and sniff my fingers.

I'm so close to gaining her confidence, but I'm moving in three days. Will there be enough time?

She is beautiful. She looks like a Rhodesian Ridgeback. We've only met in the dark and at a distance so I don't know if she has the ridge or not, but her face, body, and tail looks just like one. I've heard that they are extremely loyal. She sure is - much more loyal than these people deserve.

I don't know what to do with her if I manage to get her. We already have four dogs, two of which don't get along. In my heart I think there's always room for one more. Hubby's not as convinced. If I can get her, maybe I can at least get her to a rescue, find someone to care for her.

She's beautiful. She doesn't deserve to be out in the city all alone. Where does she sleep? What does she eat? I want her to have a soft, comfortable, and safe bed. I want her to be fed every day. I want her to have people who love her and get her toys.

Please, whatever forces in the universe might be on my side, give me the ability to rescue her!

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