Saturday, July 13, 2013

Exciting month coming up!

We're finally about to move. If all goes well, we will be out of our rental house within two weeks! Hubby and I have been packing, and I took inventory of all our large things today, trying to figure out how big a truck we might need to rent, and how long we'll need it.

Wait... Let me back up... (Yes, this is relevant, I promise, LOL!) I have a Honda Fit. It's a compact hatchback, and it's definitely bigger on the inside. When I stand outside the car, it's tiny. When I sit in the driver's seat, it's a full size car. Step out of the car again, I've parked in a corner of the parking spot and it looks ridiculous. Fold the back seat down, and it's possible to load pieces of furniture that appear larger than the car.

Anyway, I was taking inventory of our large things today. I moved over the Atlantic equipped with two suitcases and everything that didn't fit had to be left behind. Hubby had some stuff, and we've bought a lot through the years. The little house we rent is filled to the brim. Still, there's only a dozen things that won't fit in my Honda. (Not at the same time, of course - a dozen things that couldn't theoretically be moved with the Honda. Like, the bed.) Is that a good thing, or is it sad?

Where am I going with this? You're tired of hearing about my move by now, aren't you? Well, the point is, if everything goes well, I will meet August in a new home. I will have an office space that's larger than a closet. That's worth celebrating!

In my new office, I'll be prepared to meet the excitement of August!

"What is she babbling about?" you might ask.

In August, Undercover will be released as a paperback. My new scifi romance novel Operation Earth will be released as e-book, it's going on blog tour, and Kidnapped is a finalist in the RONE awards. Three big things in one month. Exciting times!

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