Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I think my bank is trying to kill me. LOL.

So... closing on our new home is scheduled for Thursday this week. Thursday at 10:30. So far so good - or that's what I thought. The bank just called me and said, "Hey, we're going through the final phase in your loan, but we're not quite done yet, and we need to postpone closing. Is Monday good for you?"

I said, "No, I can't accept that. The house I've been renting is sold. I have to get out of it. If we don't close now I'll have to store everything I own and find a hotel for me and my family."

Besides that, I've taken time off from work. I've planned with the dogs, scheduled a moving truck, moving help, ordered move of utilities, address change, have handymen coming over, scheduled a delivery of a new bed, and a million other things normal people who don't work in a bank has to deal with.

There was a long silence on the other end. Thus far I've had to say, "No, I can't accept that" three times this week, and it's only Tuesday.

He finally said, "Oh... Well, I need a copy of your marriage certificate to verify your name change. Can you have that to me in ten minutes?"

I try to think happy thoughts about people around me, but this time I thought, "You're an idiot."

It wasn't a very nice thing to think. I've never talked to this man before and he was doing his best to be pleasant and helpful. He has had nothing to do with my loan up until this point, and probably won't in the future either. But anyway...

Seriously; they've worked on my documents for two months. We've had this closing date set for a month. Now you realize you need the marriage certificate, and you need it within ten minutes? I'm at work. You know this - you're calling on my work phone. Why would I have this at work?

Do people usually store their marriage certificates at work? Am I peculiar, keeping it at home?

I was really good. There's been so much back and forth with this house, the loan, the seller, repairs someone requires and everyone refuses to do, and so on, I'm on the verge of snapping.I kept my mouth closed and raced home to get the document.

Luckily I have a wonderful employer who puts up with antics like this and I don't live far away, but I'm sure going there, grabbing the papers, going back to the office, scanning and uploading them took more than ten minutes.

At this point I require a miracle for everything to come together. I've spent the afternoon pleading with the title company and the bank. (Both claim the other haven't sent the documents in on time.) I'm still working out of the assumption that everything will work out and we will close on Thursday. The title company is on board with the plan now. Hopefully, the bank will be too.


  1. I'm laughing, but not *at* you. I've experienced life too, so I know what it's like, that's all. The inane questions, and the way you wrote about them just cracked me up. Very funny post. And I'm sorry about that. ;) Good luck with the house!

  2. It's okay to laugh, in retrospect I'll laugh at it too! LOL! Thank you for coming over! =D


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