Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who put all this stuff in our cupboards? LOL!

I should write an eloquent blog about writing. With moving on my mind, that's not happening. My mind is filled with neat cardboard boxes. Reality is somewhat different...

Packing is clearly not one of my stronger sides. I put two things in a box, get distracted by something, and forget that I was packing. To distract myself from the need to do it, I started looking for funny stories about other people bad at it. You have to read this one about a woman who packed everything in trash bags. I'm not that bad...

Luckily, hubby turned out to be a packing machine. I went to work this morning and when I came home the living room held a pile of boxes containing everything from the kitchen. He even marked them!

I wonder how we can have collected so much stuff. All this junk can't be ours. *cough* I think some little elves run in at night and fill up the closets. That must be it, right?

I imagine the move to look something like this, but with doggies instead of kids.  =D

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