Saturday, August 17, 2013

Idyllic Saturday morning - at least in my head

This morning was my first calm weekend morning after the move - the first day without a long list of must-dos hanging over my head. I've been sitting on the lanai with my laptop, listening to the birds and sipping a mug of coffee.

In my head, it's idyllic.

In real life the birds are mostly seagulls and most of the lanai screen is missing, which means I'm surrounded by at least 50 mosquitos. Doesn't matter. It's Saturday morning, I have my own outside spot, and I'm going to enjoy it, dammit! LOL!

I love old houses. Our is built in the late 1950's and in my country that would hardly qualify as an old house. One of my best friends back home lived in a building from the 16th century, and when I first arrived to the US I laughed when people classified houses from the 1980s as old. Now I know that time moves differently here.

Add up the relentless sun, torrential rains, 60 mph winds, and wood destroying insects, and 50 years in Florida turns out to be a long time.

Our house is pretty well preserved and has had updates in recent years, which is awesome. Having a newer roof, water heater, and AC means I won't have to worry about them for a long time.

It has also had a few residents with great ambition and little knowledge. That's okay, I can be like that as well, but it's crammed with half-finished renovations and projects that could have been fantastic if the person working on it had known how to do it. I think it's a fun challenge, but hubby spends a decent amount of time cursing.

He takes everything much more seriously than I do. He wants to fix everything at once. I have another pace; unless something is structurally vital it doesn't matter if I do it today, tomorrow, or next year. I lived in my old house for ten years before I figured out what I wanted to do with the kitchen.

Aaah, yes, kitchens... This kitchen has potential to be awesome with a little work. It has really nice cupboards and a wonderful countertop - on one side. This photo is from when we first looked at the house; it has a microwave now and the counter is filled with stuff. LOL!

The other side also has nice cupboards, but no countertop. Peculiar! There's no backsplash, just the wall with some strange holes in it, and I haven't thought too much about it. As long as they don't lead to the outside everything's fine, right! (I'm going to put up a backsplash, it's on my to-do list, but I have to wait until I acquire some more money, LOL.)

In my head, I've already painted the walls, fixed the backsplash, painted the ceiling, installed spotlights under the top cupboards, and put spotlights in the ceiling instead of the old fluorescent light. In reality, not so much, but who cares about reality?

Anyway, early this morning I moseyed into the kitchen to give my furry babies some breakfast. I turned on the light and saw something run along the kitchen counter. It was big, quick, and pale, and I jumped. (Yes, I really jumped - I bet anyone watching would have gotten a good laugh.) I thought it was a rat. I don't have anything against mice or rats, but unless they're tame I don't want them in the house.

It was a large, pale lizard. (I looked him up online, I think it's a Mediterranean Gecko.) He ran along the wall - I'm amazed how they can run on a vertical surface - and disappeared into one of the holes in the wall.


I like lizards, but the same goes for them as for all other animals; unless they're domesticated they need to stay outside. Having one run around in the kitchen doesn't seem hygienic; bring on the Lysol.

Now I wonder, does he live in the wall? Does he have another way out? Will I kill him if I block the hole so he can no longer get into the kitchen? It was a beautiful lizard and I don't want him/her to die, but even if he ventures back into the kitchen he's much too fast for me to be able to catch him.

Either way, I should probably move this wall and the backsplash to a higher position on my list of priorities so it gets done in real life, and not just in my imagination.

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